2023: Niger Delta group endorse El-Dabi as Nigeria’s next president

A political pressure group under the auspices of Niger Delta Coalition For Good Governance (NDCGG) has called on Dr. Ibrahim Bello Dauda (El-Dabi) to throw his hat into the ring and vie for the office of Nigeria’s President come 2023.

The group in a statement signed by its
national coordinator, Ebizimor Oweikeme, and titled, ‘Rescue Mission 2023’, said Nigerians desire nothing less than having a leader that reflects their collective interests and is determined to give the country a new start.

NDCGG noted that Nigerian leadership has been a matter of trial and error overtime with no desired results, hence the need to end the circle and embrace people with requisite leadership skills like El-Dabi.

“We need fresh ideas that can birth a paradigm shift in our focused attempts at modernising our realities and providing Nigerians with basic amenities that can salvage our many deficits as a nation.

“Many political leaders have emerged and have tried their best. Many more are still aiming to try. Nigeria has become a country of failed political experiments.

“This has brought so many questions to mind: Should we continue in this trial and failure? Is it not yet time that we reason together outside our political partisanship and endorse people with proven record of integrity and accountability to represent
our collective interests as a nation? It is time!

“There is no doubt that Nigeria at this point needs someone with unquestionable moral pedigree, a person that is poised to give us a fresh narrative—someone in the leadership and moral charisma of Dr. Ibrahim Bello Dauda.

“His persona can only be described in a few words: he believes that everything that is presently wrong with Nigeria can be corrected by everything that is right about Nigeria. In other words, it would take Nigeria to solve Nigeria’s problems,” it said.

The group added that even though Nigeria boasts of one of the largest populations of youth in the world, yet, youth interests and roles have been continuously undermined, a situation it said has resulted in poverty of ideas, unforgivable alienation, avoidable destabilisation and conflict among the youth.

“We believe that Dr Ibrahim Bello Dauda, also known as El-Dabi, symbolises everything this country needs to reclaim her global status. He is young, dynamic, experienced, versatile, a manager of people and events, an administrator par
excellence and a focused go-getter, who, when given the opportunity can turn our fortunes around and end this shame that we are experiencing.

“Therefore, we, the Niger Delta Coalition For Good Governance, are, as a matter of necessity, calling on El-Dabi to accept to embark on this rescue mission for Nigeria by contesting the 2023 Presidential Elections.

“This is a patriotic call—a call to reclaim our country from the claws of stagnation, underdevelopment, unemployment, insecurity, and avoidable poverty and take her
to a new height of rebirth,” the group stated.

The NDCGG (New Dawn 2023) is a political platform that seeks to mobilise youths for sustainable and meaningful political engagement with the objective to ensure that Nigeria rises again, through purposeful leadership.


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