BUA taking Nigeria’s economy to the next level

By Adeyemi Obadimu

Nigeria’s leading infrastructure, mining, foods and manufacturing conglomerate BUA Group owned by Abdul Samad Rabiu is no doubt one of the top firms in the country that is boosting Nigeria’s Economy by reducing unemployment in the country, as a major employer of labour.

Meanwhile, boosting the infrastructure state of the nation is germane, most especially in the creation of construction jobs and increase productivity by enabling businesses to operate more efficiently and effectively.

This is no doubt part of what BUA Group has been doing in our the Nation’s economy in addition to creation of
job opportunities to the masses.

BUA Group is already taking Nigeria to the next level economically because the group is now the leading employer of labour in the country and at the same time the impacts of their products is being felt in the market.

It would be recalled that BUA Foods is now a leading food and fast-moving consumer goods (FMCG) business, which processes, manufactures, produces and distributes food items such as sugar, flour, pasta, rice and edible oils as well as packaged foods.

Meanwhile the CEO of the group Abdul Samad Rabiu has stressed his philanthropist and kind gesture to some sectors in the states through his foundation as he donated billions of naira to some state governments to tackle insecurity, health challenges and improve the agricultural sector for the benefit of the masses.

Adeyemi Obadimu is a Lagos State based journalist/blogger and writes for NEWSEXTRA Online Newspaper.


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