Gov Fintiri: The master of inclusive government

By Saidu Sarkin Zana

Inclusive government is a dream and a campaign promise made by all leaders, but most of them find it difficult to implement it due to their selfish personal and political interests. Mysteriously, for the first time in the democratic history of Adamawa State, Inclusive Government was fully implemented – and that too, under the good leadership of His Excellency Rt. Hon. Ahmadu Umaru Fintiri.

If there’s anything that everyone in Adamawa State (including the opposition) must confess about Fintiri’s led administration, it must be the inclusive government he has being carrying out.

We all know that, the appointments and employments of the previous administration of APC is strictly lopsided, as only those who have access to the party, stakeholders and political appointees benefitted from their appointments and employments, while the poor qualified citizens watched out in pain and agony.

The arrival of Governor Fintiri and PDP in Adamawa State has once again changed the entire narrative of the leadership in the state. He told everyone in his cabinet to drop politics aside and focus on inclusive leadership – quoting that “there’s time for politics, but this is the time for leadership”.

As a leader who leads by example, he shocked his entire doubters by including some members of opposition parties when appointing his advisers, telling them to come and join hands towards carrying Adamawa State to the promised land.

As if that was not enough, he maintains his inclusive government by not interfering in the last Local Governments polls, making it the most free and fairest LG polls ever took place in the democratic history of the state – thus giving many candidates from opposition parties a chance to represent their communities at the LG Council.

Furthermore, his employment of 2,000 health workers are strictly base on merit – thus giving a level playing ground to all citizens of the state, irrespective of their religious, political, cultural, financial or geographical backgrounds. We can all attest that, all those who are employed are poor qualified graduates who have lost hope before.

The dividends of democracy under Fintiri’s administration has directly and indirectly reached every nook and cranny of Adamawa State – ranging from FREE education, payment of WAEC and NECO, payment of Scholarships, sponsoring 60 poor qualified students to study abroad, disbursement of funds for the payment of gratuities to the hopeless retired workers and vice-versa.

Gov. Fintiri has fulfilled promises, relived minds, restored hopes, brought back lost glories and is being performing wonders day and night.

After all the sufferings and trauma we went through during the previous APC administration, we are grateful to be able to live up to this moment and be witnessing such greatness once again…

Long live Govr AUF.
Long live Adamawa State
Long live PDP

Fresh Air Continues

Sarkin Zana a political strategists writes from Yola.


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