Rufai Gombi’s huge blunder and uncertain political destiny

By Saidu Sarkin Zana

For those from Gombi axis, the former member and former Chairman of Gombi local Government, Rufai Gombi is not a new entrant. He aspired and won all the two seats from PDP to represent his people. How well he represented them is not our main concern here because his people are in the best position to attest to his stewardship.

What is certain is that he is a political traitor who over the years turned political perfidy to an art and can perform any stunt to satisfy his huge gluttony provided the price is right.

We know him as an inconsistent politician who has lost political relevance and has to device devious strategies to survive deploying the rule of the jungle including political cannibalism, to maintain his ravenous appetite for money as such he lost both the moral and political standing he so much craved for.

From his primitive and uncultured mannerism one can decipher even from a far a man steeped in ignorance of the very game he has played for many years, yet his comportment gave him away as lilly livered and arrogant minion who has no place in a civilized democracy.

In 2011, just before the rerun gubernatorial election of former Governor Nyako, some group of politicians from his local government had audience with late Hajiya Zainab Nyako and suggested ways to win the election rescheduled for 4/2/2012.

Being from Garkida and with substantial knowledge of the political terrain, Zainab Nyako urged her husband to convene a stakeholders meeting so as to chart a winning formula and to address divisions within stakeholders which Rufai created for his self serving purposes.

But to the dismay of all the stakeholders including religious, political and traditional leadership, everyone availed himself except Rufai who was in the first instance, the brain behind the sharp divisions in the area. Rufai ostensibly shunned the all important meeting on the premise that he could not suspend his campaign trip to come to Yola.

The unprincipled and tracherous display of arrogance and unfathomable selfishness made every stakeholder to flinched with exasperated fury as they wondered how a man who so much benefitted from a system can turn his deadly fangs against in time of emergency.

Not satisfied with his rather uncouth display of arrogance, Rufai went further by reporting the district head of Lala to Adamawa Emirate Council for refusing to abide by his directive stopping them from attending a meeting with Governor Nyako.

That singular action marked the beginning of the political extinction of Rufai and since then he lost relevance. With the depreciation of his political capital, Rufai felt that the only way he can gain some little traction is by transmogrifying to a political scavenger and traitor et al.

It is surprising that a politician of easy virtue like Rufai is now crying wolf and making disgusting tantrums blaming governor Fintiri of bias against Fulani ethnic stock. What a bunkum!

One can actually situate Rufai’s I’ll mannerism from the Hausa adage which says if the purveyor of a discourteous message is a fool, the listener cannot be a fool. At this point one may tend to ask a critical question as to why the same Rufai left the Nyako political dynasty which made him what he is today? Is Nyako also a hater of Fulani ethnic stock?

Again let us ask Rufa’i whether the current SSG, Awwal D. Tukur, Hon. Commissioner of Transport, Sani Ribadu and a host of other Fulani men currently serving in the government have lost their identities.

Resorting to campaign of calumny through fanning the embers of ethnic identity is a sign that Rufai is sailing against the tide and on the verge of political perdition.

If promoters of ethnic politics did not succeed in 2019, I wonder how playing the ethnic card will help Rufai in his self destruct mission.

The fact is that lilly livered minds like Rufai cannot confused the good people of Adamawa into changing their perspectives about the litany of developmental projects currently instituted by the Fintiri led administration which even the most vocal critics of the administration have endorsed.

Rufa’i Gombi should know that, the Fintiri led this administration is doing so much in Gombi because Rufai and his ilk have failed the people when they were given the chance to superintend the affairs of the council.

When he got the opportunity to serve the good people of Gombi, instead of addressing the myriads of challenges the people were grappling with, Rufa’i decided to be junketing from one lodge to another at the expense of Gombi people.

To also depict his unsettled mindset, it is pertinent to know that like the political prostitute that he is, Rufai has been romancing different political parties at will to attain his selfish and whimsical proclivities.

It is therefore, a waste of time for any discerning mind to even think of believing the thrash Rufa’i Gombi is hired to circulate. No sane person can attack the Administration of Governor Fintiri on the basis of non performance or discrimination.

Please, let Rufa’i answer this simple question to prove he knows what is he is doing. Are all the students who Governor Fintiri has been paying their WAEC & NECO fees from his tribe only? Or the roads being constructed or hospitals constructed/ renovated are benefitting other tribes to the exclusion of Fulani race in Adamawa? We are waiting for your response please.

Sarkin Zana, a political strategists, writes from Yola.


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