LG polls Hon Amsam urges Adamawa youths to vote wisely


The Deputy Majority Leader, North East Youths Assembly of Nigeria (NEYAN), Hon Amsam Thaddawus has called on youths in Adamawa State to come out en masse and vote credible leaders into power in all the 21 local government Areas of the state today.

Hon Amsam Thaddawus, while speaking on the conduct of the elections called on all hard working and peace loving youths of Adamawa state to go out en masse and be part of the elections by casting their votes in according with their choices amongst the contestants.

She observed this during her monitoring process. She also noted that the election is not a do or die affair, neither is it an end in itself, rather a means to an end and, therefore, called on politicians to conduct themselves in an orderly manner for the peaceful conduct of the election.

She pointed out that, “we must therefore partake in the coming elections with open minds setting aside party affiliations and looking at the candidates and their capabilities, also bearing in mind the facts that members of all political parties are members of our immediate communities, families and deserve our individual respects and protection against violence and intimidation.”

She therefore wish all Adamawa indigenes a successful and peaceful election.


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