ABBA GIREI: Race To Green Chamber Amidst Rising Popularity

By Isah Ali Yola

As the saying goes, all politics is local and so the philosophy of Abba Girei, a business mogul turned politician as part of his penchant to serving his people and to represent their interest at the National Assembly.

Meeting Abba Girei for the time, one is welcomed by his solitude of calmness, simplicity and his down to earth character that defines his modest life despite his social status.

His political sojourn which began more than a decade ago has exposed him to the needs and aspiration of the common man, which propelled him not to relent in serving the people.

As 2023 General election, gathers momentum, Abba Girei has also made up his mind to represent the people of Yola North, Yola South and Girei Federal constituency at the green chamber.

His re-emergence in the political scene of Adamawa has no doubt taken many by surprise, many are perplexed and had wanted to give up the race owing to Abba’s acceptability in the minds of the electorates.

No doubt Abba’s humanitarian outreach; youth and women empowerment among others are enough to break any once silence, let alone his political capacity and popularity which continues to spread like a wild fire.

Political pundits in the state opined that PDP will have a smooth ride to victory when it have Abba Girei as a flagbearer, while describing him as a great political mobilizer and a grassroot politician.

You may or may not like Abba, but the reality on ground don’t need divine revelation to attest to his political prowess, therefore the race for the constituency needs a man who knows the job, being there, done that .

Prior to his declaration, Abba Girei was embarking on free medical outreach and empowerment, which include distribution of delivery kits to women across Adamawa, as well as distribution of cars motorcycles as a source of empowerment.

If Abba can do this without power, what happens if he is duely elected to represent the people?

This and many other questions arose the mind of many observers like us who are loosing trust for politicians, but Abba’s dynamics and approach to politics is rescinding my ealier decision thought .

In the court of public opinion Abba Girei is winning, his unmatched popularity is gathering more friends and goodwill to the Fintiri led administration, if not for anything he’s complimenting the good works and policies of Governor Ahmadu Umaru Fintiri whom he hold with high esteem.

For now the People’s Democratic Party in Adamawa has big choices to make …….to either conduct free and fair primaries or do other wise to plunge the party into an irremediable state that could lead to its final COLAPSE, if the likes of Abba are not given fair play in the ballot contest.

Isah Ali Writes From Yola.



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