TRIBUTE: The Flight Of Halima

    1. Sundays are usually Solemn Days for Everyone

    2. A times solitude breezes out the joy in life

    3. April 10 was same for the famous Dodo family

    4. Plans to inaugurate LGA leaders was altered

    5. Coverage for the top reporter was disrupted

    6. Because a novel loss Punctuated everything

    7. The ace reporter’s routine had to be reported

    8. Loosing his best and closest friend like no other

    9. Yes, we all lost the great Halima at childbirth

    10. Many hardly knew this Halima at first glance

    11. She exudes a unique ambience of humility & innocence

    12. Radiating a painless and harmless personality

    13. Her feminine aura was remarkably motherly

    14. The volume of traffic in her name was unquantifiable

    15. A clear testimony to Dodo’s fame and Halima’s family

    16. Everyone crazed to secure a glimpse of the moment

    17. In Yola this is one, too many for the Journalism profession

    18. In two years, the press lost countless hands

    19. Once it was Danjuma Usman of the Voice of America

    20. Followed by Ibrahim Abdul-Azeez of Daily Trust

    21. Then the loss of my boss Umar Mustafa of NTA

    22. Then Abubakar Dasin of Pulaaku FM Radio

    23. All these were well reported and documented by Dodo

    24. Then the Knock on Dodo’s own family Fortress

    25. This is one story which he could not personally report

    26. My sympathy is for Dodos life after Halima

    27. My sympathy is for the kids she left behind

    28. My sharpest sympathy is for Halima’s latest child

    29. Blindly Coming into a brand new world

    30. Unsure of what motherhood is all about

    31. Unsure the Mom is alive or long ByGone

    32. At the graveside Dodo was naturally in tears

    33. Inner and outer tears bidding farewell to Halima

    34. Consciously or otherwise, he was shoes-less

    35. But he had his characteristic glasses on duty

    36. He was deeply silent by Halima’s lone Home

    37. He was Unsure of his next phase of Life

    38. He had No experience about the Moment

    39. Never anticipated parting with her this day

    40. After Janaza, Dodo could not move an inch until helped

    41. He was weak, helpless and worn out

    42. That day, the Human Caravan was Huge

    43. Everyone you missed for days was there

    44. Halima’s Dad Never had it this bad

    45. Alhaji Duhu was Exceedingly Devastated

    46. He hardly ate, ignoring even the Sahur Meal

    47. Halima’s Hali is gone for good and forever

    48. Dodo is left to man the fortress she built

    49. It’s not merely tough but highly rough

    50. Allah’s Mercy will keep her soul at peace

    51. Allah’s Blessing will keep Dodo very strong

    52. Allah’s Goodness will shine through her offsprings

    53. In death, Halima scored five major goals:

    54. She earned the confidence of her parents

    55. She cultivated the trust of her dear husband

    56. She was loved and celebrated by everyone

    57. She left the world via the boundless blessings of Ramadan

    58. She died a Shahida having exited through childbirth

    59. These trilateral angles are enough solace for Dodo

    60. They are indeed divine compensations for our collective loss!

    Abubakar Abba Tahir
    (KaaKaaKey Fombina)


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