Over 3,000 members of APC, PDP, KOWA parties defect to SDP in Adamawa

No fewer than 3,000 members of PDP, APC and KOWA parties in Guyuk local government of Adamawa State defected to the Social Democratic Party (SDP) over alleged gross injustice and sundry infractions saying that only SDP will treat them justly.

Speaker after speaker during the event which saw massive turn out of youths, women and critical stakeholders of other political parties who defected to SDP on Thursday, said the defection of gubernatorial hopeful, Dr. Umar Ardo was a turning point in the history of the party expressing optimism that with Ardo in tow, the party will win all elective positions in Guyuk and Adamawa State.

Leader of the decampees and ex-senior stakeholder of APC in Adamawa State, John Nafama Thimnu said their resolve to defect to SDP is due to the conviction that, SDP is the only party for the masses and it will give them a fair deal.

“We decided to take our leave from the APC because of gross injustice and maltreatment. With the coming of Ardo into the SDP, we believe a new dawn is in the offing and we shall take the political terrain by storm,” he said.

Thimnu who was a former national delegate of APC said his return to SDP was a home coming because he is one of the founding fathers of the party in the area.

“SDP is a leading political party right from the days of Bala Takaya in Guyuk. When Takaya ran for the office of governor he won in Guyuk. And the current SGF Boss Mustapha also won his gubernatorial contest in Guyuk also Eng. Markus Gundiri won decisively in Guyuk. In fact, there is no candidate of SDP who lost election in Guyuk in the past.

“Let me tell you, with the coming of Ardo, a dogged fighter, a just and fair leader and a man who believed in the democratic principles of justice, we will regain our winning streak in Guyuk. We will return our governorship candidate and all other elective positions with a landslide,” he said.

Similarly, a former commissioner in Adamawa State and a senior stakeholder of APC in Guyuk, Tawadiu Magaji said they were tired with the impunity taking place in APC as such they decided to massively return to SDP which is their ancestral political party in Guyuk.

“We deemed it together with our teeming supporters to leave the APC behemoth which has earned notoriety for impunity and gross injustice to return to our natural ecosystem.

“APC has been completely hijacked by some unscrupulous power mongers who had turned it to their personal fiefdoms. No democrat worth his onions will remain in a party that has been hijacked by moneybags and tin Gods.

“With Dr. Ardo in the lead, we will surely return our party to its winning streak in Guyuk local government,” he said.

Another stakeholder of APC Ben Jonah who said they decided to defect to SDP after they were convinced beyond reasonable doubt that APC will never change said, “all the positions in APC have been sold to the highest bidder.

“We who don’t have money felt that we should return to SDP, the party of the masses. I’m a renowned grass root mobilizer in Adamawa State and I’m promising you that we will use our wide network to bring Ardo as our next governor.”

Also espousing the leadership qualities of Dr. Ado, a youth leader in the area, Labauga Abegnabo said he decamped to SDP alongside more than 3000 youth promising to use their numerical advantage to win all elective positions in the area.

He noted that in Guyuk local government, both APC and PDP have died and will be interned by SDP come 2023 as the youth have made up their mind to do away with impunity for good.

“We are assuring you that the era of impudence, impunity and disrespect for law and order are over especially with the coming of our just, fair, fearless, competent and educated leader, Dr. Umar Ardo.

“We the youths are eloquently saying that the dark days of retrogression, impunity and crass display of arrogance are over. It is time the right man with the right democratic credentials take over the mantle of leadership,” he said.

In their separate speeches, the state chairman of SDP, Abubakar Yusuf and state organizing secretary of the party, Abdulaziz Jibrilla welcome the new entrants into the party.

They promised to give them a level playing ground and told them that they will be treated equally like the old members of the party.

“Today by the special grace of God, you are liberated from the shackles of impunity and arrogance.

“We don’t discriminate in SDP. Both the new and the old members have equal chances in the party. They can aspire to become part of the exco or can stand to contest any election.

“We are a full pledged democratic party which has the masses at heart. Our cardinal principles is to entrench democracy in the state and to give every cirizen of Adamawa a sense of belonging,” they said.


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