President Buhari is morally bound to Tinubu’s candidacy

By Umar Ardo Ph.D

As the initiator of the merger that ultimately produced the APC, I know the foundational agreement of the merger ab initio between President Mohammad Buhari and Senator Bola Tinubu – i.e. Buhari President and Tinubu Vice President in a merger between CPC and ACN. It was Buhari who, after the Supreme Court dismissed the CPC presidential election petition, approached Tinubu with the idea and offer, and it was upon the latter’s acceptance of both that APC was born.

Tinubu thus drove the process from March, 2012 to the final emergence of the APC as a registered political party on 31st July, 2013; to establishing the new party structures from Wards, LGAs, States, Zonal and National levels; and, against formidable new opponents that joined the party for their own ends, stood to ensure Buhari’s emergence as APC’s presidential flag bearer. Consequently, without Tinubu APC would never have come into being!

So it is only honorable that President Buhari also stands by the foundational agreement and support Tinubu now above anyone else, or APC falls into a deep moral pit that it cannot pull out of forever.

Umar Ardo,SDP Stakeholder in Adamawa State writes from Abuja.


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