AUN developing Africa’s future leaders

Austin Ajayi

The American University of Nigeria (AUN) is Africa’s first developing university that is building and preparing young Africans for leadership positions in their chosen careers.

Inaugurated in 2005, the University has graduated students from all over Africa, Europe and America, the institution, whose core values is excellence, integrity and service has over the years become a citadel of learning to behold.

AUN, an American style of education, with one of the best technology enhanced learning is also driving to service learning (community service) by the students for their host community.

The school founded by the former vice president of Nigeria, Atiku Abubakar is located in Yola, Northeast Nigeria is cited on a 2500 acres of land has brought not only quality education to Adamawa state but has also brought speedy development to state.

Yola international airport has the highest number of flights in the North, may be next to Lagos and Abuja airports in Nigeria.

The impact of this institution is not limited to within the four walls of the school campus alone but to the local communities in line with the vision as a developmental University for Nigeria and Africa has given scholarship to 41 students of Government Girls School, Yola, donated school uniforms to 21 pupils of central primary school in Jimeta.

Through its American University of Nigeria Honor Society (AUNHS) 32 boys and girls in Yola learnt the basic art of public speaking.

At the heat of Boko Haram insurgency, the University admitted some Chibok girls that escaped and those that were released, today, with the tuition fees paid by the Federal government and some through direct scholarship by AUN, some of the girls are now graduates and a few are close to round up their academic programs.

The return of President Margee Ensign late last year saw the reintroduction of Feed and read program, the program in it’s phase thought over 3000 almagiri children how to read and write from the basic while they also get fed.

Reintroduction of the program “Feed and Read” in just few months ago has brought out some potentials from these children who would have remain begging and probably taken to crime.

Like in the first phase many boys and girls who went through the program have progressed to secondary Schools and other choice taking responsibilities of their homes.

AUN since it’s inauguration has brought very emeinet personalities across the globe as commencement speakers like deplomats, captains of industries, and from the academians who have been a source of encouragement and challange to the students.

The 13th Commencement (graduation) ceremony was unique comming at heels of general election in Nigeria, The Commencement speaker, H.E Mary Beth Leonard, the US Ambassador to Nigeria told the students that “Your Vote is your Voice” charging them to take leadership roles and decide their own future.

With declared faculties and non facuties staff lead by indefatigable President, Margee Ensign Ph.D, AUN graduated over 33 first class graduates from 251 first degrees many second class upper 13 Masters degree and 2 PhD students who young Africans, ready make the Nigeria and Africa proud, certainly, the future is sure and very bright.

Ajayi, a development journalist writes from Yola.


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