Use your power of imagination to attain your destinies, Nigerian youths urged

Nigerian youths have been urged never to despair in the face of the daunting social and economic challenges facing the country but instead should deploy their innate potentials and power of imagination to attain their potentials.

Speakers during an inspirational talk show, x-fest Nigeria, in Yola, Saturday was organized by Dr. Thom Idowu and supported by nurturessence international, noted that the sky will be the stepping stone for any mind that has maintain a positive-can-do spirit.

They noted that although a budding young man faces myriads of challenges including, socio-economic, developmental, and even psychological constraints, such scourges should provide impetus for youth to push themselves more to attain greatness rather than kill their dream as there is no sweet without sweat.

The event, with the theme; “dream to reality; the strategy; the structure; the system” was attended by entrepreneurs, public speakers, motivators, authors, students and journalists.

Delivering his keynote address, a public and motivational speaker, Dr. Agoso Bamaiyi, urged the youth to invest seriously in the power of imagination, noting that it makes the difference between successful and unsuccessful persons, countries and economies.

He noted that despite hailing from a family of teachers, he was a bad and dull student to the extent that he was mocked by fellow students and flogged by his parents when he was a child.

Bamaiyi noted that at a point in his life he dropped out of school as he could not withstand the drudgeries of academic activities.

He noted that breakthrough however came after deep introspection on the need for himself to take a new lease of life adding that with such resolve, he was able to relaunch himself back to academic realms with outstanding performance.

Bamaiyi said he also became a good public speaker despite being shy and afraid of speaking before the public initially adding that if he was able to do it, he believes others can also do it.

Also speaking, an entrepreneur, and CEO of Wisdom Kwati smart city urged the youths never to despair on the road to success as it was replete with thorns and obstacles.

He noted that on their way up the ladder, Nigerian entrepreneurs face a number of challenges including bad economic terrain, unfriendly government policies, pull him down syndrome, blackmail et all but with dedication and commitment, the challenges will be surmounted.

He urged youth never to derail because of negative criticism and pull him down proclivities of traducers noting that what made him successful was the fact that he refused to heed to the antics of nay sayers and antagonists.

Kwati noted that his diligence, commitment, foresight and can-do-spirit was his best selling point as it was what made him to get a project worth €9billion from Germany and became the cynosure of investors in Nigeria.

He noted that his businesses across many states in Nigeria and Africa has saved families and provided them with means of livelihood adding that if he has resigned to fate, he will have been consigned to the realm of poverty and hopelessness.

Also speaking, Tosin Komolafe, a software engineer and business strategist, urged youth to pay attention to details in whatever they do, adding that such is the key that open doors of opportunities for him.

He noted that Nigeria is one of the most inclement places for young entrepreneurs because of dearth of electricity, high cost of data and bad economic policies.

He however noted that with determination, vision and spiritedness, one can conquer the odds urging the youth not to be frustrated but work assiduously to beat the odds.


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