2023: Improve governance, tackle insecurity, Group tasks political leaders

By Ahmed Ahmed

A group under the aegis of Network and Advocacy Group Lux Terra Leadership Foundation in Nigeria has appealed to the government at all levels to improve governance and tackle insecurity ahead of the 2023 general election.

This is contained in a statement signed by Dr Inya J. Ode on behalf of the group made available to Journalists on Friday in Bauchi.

It called on government at all levels to improve governance, tackle insecurity and provide welfare for the Nigerian people.

“As we have observed with sadness that the political leadership of Nigeria at all levels are mostly preoccupied with the politics of 2023 general elections to the detriment of governance even in the midst of heightened insecurity and economic crisis.

The statement appealed to Nigerians irrespective of ethnic, religion and region to unite and defeat insecurity challenges in the country.

It said, the group is concerned with the increasing polarization of the Nigerian nation along ethno-geographic and religious fault lines; an unfortunate situation, which has contributed immensely to the complex web of security challenges that confronts Nigeria currently.

The statement appealed to Nigerians to unite irrespective of differences in ethnicity, religion or region of origin in order to defeat the common enemy in insecurity.

“Nigerians are one people and our diversity, which can be likened to the beautiful feathers of one big and strong bird, should be a source of strength and not a reason for our weakness,” the group stressed.

The group calls on governments at all levels to dismantle all forms of sectional administrative machinery to reconstitute one that is inclusive and reflective of Nigeria’s rich diversity.

“That would strengthen the unity of Nigeria and demonstrate the oneness of the Nigerian people,” it said

They also urged Nigerians to accommodate one another and respect the constitutional right of everyone as citizens to strengthen the course of social justice in the country.

“We also urged Nigerians to eschew all forms of criminality, live peacefully and obey the laws of their places of residence,” it said.

The Group also call on governments at all levels sould enforce law and order impartially and dispense justice without fear, favour or discrimination on the basis of ethnicity, religion, region of origin or occupation that would sustain peaceful coexistence.

The statement also calls for continuous dialogue, understanding, accommodation and tolerance among the people of Nigeria to strengthen the mechanism of conflict resolution and prevent the resort to violence to seek redress.


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