Muslim-muslim ticket not a constitutional anathema – Uba Danarewa

An All Progressives Congress (APC) chieftain in Adamawa State, Alhaji Uba Danarewa has noted that in a constitutional democracy, a Muslim-muslim ticket is not an anathema.

Danarewa in a phone chat with our reporter noted that election is a game of numbers and strategy adding that the political party which mobilized the highest votes will naturally carry the day.

He noted that it is unweildy for people to over stress themselves or indulge in emotional over-drive over the issue calling on anyone who is not inclined to it to mobilize for votes against the drive instead of overheating the polity.

He cautioned religious leaders against making comments that can incite tension between Christians and Muslims but should serve as moderators whenever the political temperature is high.

Danarewa who was reacting to Bishop Dami Mamza’s position on the issue noted that instead of unnecessarily overheating the polity, religious leaders should harp on integrity, track record and competence of those seeking to lead Nigeria because “that is our only saving grace as a people.”

To buttress his point Danarewa noted that despite being a Muslim, the presidential flagbearer of APC, Bola Tinubu’s wife, is a ranking pastor in one of Nigeria’s leading churches.

He noted that Muslims did not reject Tinubu on account of his wife being a notable pastor.

Danarewa who noted that it amounts to double standards for Christians to complain about Muslim-muslim ticket now when the same injustice is being perpetrated on Muslims in other parts of Nigeria for a very long time is repugnant.

“For time immemorial, Plateau State has been upholding Christian-christian ticket despite the fact that Muslims in the area constitute about 40 percent of the population.

“The same thing applies in Benue State because despite the numerical strength of Muslims it is always a Christian-christian ticket and no one talked about the apparent injustice and lopsidedness. But in Kaduna State the same thing became an issue,” he said.

He added that in 2015 and 2019 many christians that contested on the platform of APC where voted out in christian dominated areas because of the fact that some bigots painted APC with the brush of Islam but the same people are now going against Muslim-muslim ticket by the same party adding that such is the height of insensitivity and injustice.

“Because of the respect we have for religious leaders, we will always advice them to remain apolitical in order to remain afloat.

“It is a well known fact that Buhari after becoming the president appointed a Christian B.D Lawal as the SGF despite the fact that his fellow christians did not vote for him even at his ward level.

“Again Christians refused to vote for the incumbent SGF in 2019 despite the development projects he attracted to Hong local government.

“It is also on record that Christians refused to vote for Buhari in christian dominated areas despite picking a renowned pastor in the two elections and the same people are now crying wolf where there is none. Is that not double standards?

“Right now Yoruba are not talking about the religion of Tinubu because since he became the presidential flagbearer of APC, they have been according him all the necessary support to emerge victorious. So instead of overheating the polity, let anyone who is not happy about a Muslim-muslim ticket mobilize against it,” Danarewa said.

He noted that the conversation about Muslim-muslim ticket in his party has shown the level of awareness and evolution taking place in his party which is akin to what obtains even in developed countries like America.

“Americans don’t look at your religion or any other primordial inclination. They look at your competence and track record. That is why a father and a son became presidents at different points in time. In the same manner, Americans even elect immigrants from Somalia as lawmakers. But while democracy has progressed in many climes we are unfortunately stuck here with parochial considerations,” he noted.


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