GMMC @ 100: Where’s the government?

In spite of the alumni intervention, marking her Centenary Anniversary, Yakubu Abdullahi Yakubu, YAY, the PR, communication consultant and historian in the monarchical sense, in more of a deconstruction, a kind of non romantic view, has presented an eyesore side of General Murtala Mohammed College, GMMC Yola, Adamawa state, apparently incommesurable as the picture photographs have shown the nature of the hostels in the 60s and in the present time.

YAY simply asked whether or not there is a government as there was with such typified neglect, even when education is said to be given priority at the state level.

GMMC Yola is undoubtedly the oldest and renowned secondary school in the heart of the state capital, if she can be visited by such a neglect one can only imagine the scattered, tattered and battered faces of other schools in the rural areas.

The centenary anniversary lecture and other presentations have challenged the state government to look inward, to give a political will consideration in terms of promoting education in totality.

Read below the YAY’s brief articulation:

Where’s The Government?

Students in the hostel. 60 years apart.

Photo 1 snapped in 1962 courtesy of Steven Clapp US Volunteer Corps member teaching English.

Photo 2 courtesy of Austine Kwantangra. Captured in 2022.

See how we have progressed in Adamawa State in the past 60 years.


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