CRUCI-FICTION COLONY: FombinaTimes, A Calculted Campaign Of Calumny Against Binani’s Time

BY Joshua Bitrus

~ What is uncontestable is that against Fombina times, Binani’s Time is here and now as she remains incontestable, the unbeatable who works the talk – Electorates

It is worrisome but not so surprising that an online media with a base in Adamawa could join alliance with an online medium away from the state, Sahara Reporters, adjudged to be most mischievous for character assassination, lacking merit for any recognition.

Much worrisome indeed is that the disappointed readers misjudged the source and the sponsor of such malicious story against distinguished Senator Aishatu Dahiru Ahmed Binani, the APC gubernatorial flagbearer in Adamawa state to have thought that it could have been the handiwork of PDP or more specifically the PDP governorship candidate who is incidentally the sitting state governor.

It is not so surprising having Fombina times as a tool for such a campaign of calumny considering the aspirant the medium much favoured.

Could this not be attributed as simply a handiwork of the desperado whose candidate would not defeat the political heroin at the party primaries, who equally lost the electorates credibility for failing to concede to a clear defeat having been said to be identified with the Fombina Times?

This can be said to be entirely a central senatorial zone and more specifically, an insignificant portion of the Yola South mischievous agenda, hence using faceless and not and never in existence so-called concerned elders of the area as both the source and the sponsors.

Are they actually not existing? As a group of concerned elders, yes. It is only the disgruntled, bereft of foresight arrogating to themselves the perception of the concerned elders they never are that exist under cover playing both the source and the sponsors.

Where were the so-called concerned elders and the so-called allegation when Binani contested and won the national assembly elections both as House of Representatives member and as a Senator that she is? Why now when it could not get to be applied then?

The beauty of the ugly game however lies in the fallacy of the mischief being put to shame by means of teaming concerned electorates’ response via the same social media that Fombina Times with the source and the sponsors used to appeal in vain to the conscience of the electorates.

One compelling comment that put in summary the position of the genuine Yola South electorates that include the youths but not limited to those Black Cap members that Binani secured employment reads thus:

“What is uncontestable is that against Fombina times, Binani’s time is here and now as she remains the incontestable, the unbeatable who works the talk”.

This mischief is gone, not taken waiting for the next malice before the court judgement.

Bitrus writes from Yola.


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