2023: 23,000 members of Fintiri support group to dump PDP for LP in Adamawa

~ We’re not bothered by threats from non existing amorphous group – PDP

No fewer than 23,000 members of Fintiri support group also known as Fintiri ambassadors have put final touches to dump the ruling People’s Democratic Party (PDP) for Labor Party (LP) in Adamawa State.

Making the disclosure, Mohammed Tijjani Raji, the state coordinator of Fintiri ambassadors said their decision was a fall out of dearth of political patronage and reward system.

According to him, the Fintiri Ambassadors is a group formed to propagate, create awareness of what the Governor is doing in the state, and to campaign for him in his bid to come back to power come 2023.

He stated however that it will not be possible for the group to support the governor over myriads of failed promises and lack of reward system.

“The governor has failed many party loyalists and stalwarts who have paved the way for him to become the governor,” he said.

He noted that the group has rigorously worked for Fintiri in 2019 with assurances that it will be supported by the government noting that no single promise made to them by Governor Fintiri came to fruition.

Tijjani in an interview with this medium alongside the group’s Public Relations officer, Mohammed Bello Yarima, and the organizing Secretary of the group, Mohammed Adams said there are at least one thousand five hundred members in all the 21 local government areas.

He however said that there are die-hard PDP members who may not join in the mass Exodus but on a plus or minus basis, over twenty-three thousand members will soon announce their loyalty to LP which is the party to beat in Adamawa State come 2023.

Mohammed said their decision to join LP is after intense research and analysis of the present political situation of the state adding that they discover that Labour Party is the winning party in the coming 2023 governorship election.

He said LP has gained traction and acceptability as a result of the Governorship candidate they are having in the person of Mallam Mustapha Umar Madawaki (Otumba)

According to him the Gubernatorial flag bearer of the party in the person of Otumba is the most qualified among those aspiring to be the next Governor of Adamawa state.

He noted that their labour and investment in bringing Fintiri was a vainglorious exercise since the governor decided to ditch them after victory.

“We use our hard-earned money and resources to bring the governor to power but he turned his back against us the moment he won the election,” he said.

While praising the LP gubernatorial candidate, Raji said he is a Man of his words at all times. One can take his words to the market, if he says a thing he lives by it.

“We decided to join Labour Party because of the person involved, he is an intellectual that Adamawa will be glad to have. He is knowledge-based, erudite with leadership skills that can liberate our state.

“We’ve lost it out and lost confidence in the present administration under Governor Ahmadu Umaru Fintiri, God knows we diligently supported him and he promised us heaven and earth when we formed the government, but as I’m talking to you, nothing good has happened. No single or iota of help he has remembered us with.

“We the Fintiri Ambassadors are now dumping PDP, we will be migrating our loyalty to Otumba and the Labour Party.

“We will double what we were doing for Fintiri for Otumba in many folds, we are tired of being subservient to a man that does not cherish our loyalty and support.

“Despite our loyalty to him for many years, none of us can boast of anything tangible, we served him and nothing in return we are paid for. This is one of the many reasons we are leaving him, the PDP for Labor Party,” Raji said.

Raji confirmed that the Labour party officials in the state are preparing to receive them as bonafide party members at an agreed date.

Speaking to this medium, Hamza Madagali, the organizing secretary of PDP called the bluff of the Fintiri ambassadors saying it is an amorphous and non existent group.

According to him if they are important, their impact should have been felt in the state.

He said Governor Ahmadu will win election again and again in the state because of the confidence and trust the people have in him.

Madagali said even the blind, the dumb and the deaf can testify that Fintiri has fulfilled his covenant with the people and has served them diligently.

“The election of 2023 is a matter of performance and non performance, it’s not a gimmick or propaganda. It’s a display of a scorecard of what one has done. Thanks to Almighty God, PDP under Governor Fintiri has placed Adamawa state on the threshold of development. It’s not noise making, its about delivering the mandate of the people. I think Fintiri has done that,” Hamza said.

He however refuted the existence of 23 thousand of members who will be leaving PDP for LP.

Doubting the claims of what he said so-called Fintiri Ambassador, Hamza narrated that as a party man who knows how the membership strength of the party asserted that that group is a bunch of liars who will only want to defraud gullible politicians like Otumba.


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