Ardo eulogizes Dan Sulaiman at 80, says he is one of Nigeria’s finest patriots

The gubernatorial candidate of Social Democratic Party (SDP) in Adamawa State, Dr. Umar Ardo has poured encomiums on Air Commodore Dan Sulaiman (retd) as he clocks 80 on Saturday.

Ardo who made the statement on the sidelines of the conferment of the octogenarian with the traditional title of Kwhalmila Nunguraba by his royal highness Kuruhaye Dishon Dabsanda II, chairman and president Lunguda Traditional Council, noted that the gesture was long overdue considering the role played by Dan Sulaiman in keeping Nigeria an indivisible entity.

He noted that Dan Sulaiman is one of the few incorruptible Nigerians of our time who dedicated all his life to the service of the motherland and gave robust contributions to the emancipation of an egalitarian society adding that if all leaders had imbued the decency and discipline of Dan Sulaiman, Nigeria would have been the best country on earth.

” I wish to use this opportunity to thank Chief of Guyuk for recognizing Air Commodore Dan Sulaiman. It is long overdue. Infact, Commodore Dan Sulaiman is among the members of national concentric power circle of Nigeria.

“He has fought for the unity of Nigeria. He is amongst people like late Gen Murtala Mohammed, late Brigadier Martins Adamu, Gen T Y Danjuma and a few others who saved this country from disintegration and fought the civil war to keep this country one.

“He was the second trained pilot in Nigeria and he was shot and he crashed and sustained injuries while trying to ensure Nigeria remained one indivisible country.

“Dan Sulaiman is virtually everything a nation will want to honour. He is one of the people that personally I have the highest respect for.

“I believe his heart must be bleeding to see that the country he did everything for has degenerated to the level that Nigeria has become today,” Ardo said.

The politician noted that despite the important positions held by Dan Sulaiman, he is one of the few Nigerian elites that live a modest life as he didn’t use the offices he occupied for selfish and primitive accumulation of illicit wealth.

“Dan Sulaiman was a minister under Gen. Yakubu Gowon, he was the only member of the Gen. Yakubu Gowon team that Murtala brought back as minister and he is one of the closest friends of late Gen Murtala Mohammed.

“He was the minister in charge of special duties with specific responsibilities of decongesting our ports. In this capacity, he recommended for the appointment of Alhaji Bamanga Tukur as part of the reform of the Nigerian ports.

“He was a one time minister of health, he was a military governor he was everything but look at the moderate life that he is living. We should imbibe the values of people like Air Commodore Dan Sulaiman. If all Nigerians were like Dan Sulaiman, probably Nigeria would have been a paradise on earth,” he said.


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