How Atiku’s homecoming proves Fintiri as an all round mobilizer

By Saidu Sarkin Zana

It is no more news that Adamawa State has hosted the PDP Presidential candidate who is an illustrious son of the state and the occupier of the exalted seat of Waziri Adamawa.

The mammoth gathering that received Atiku in Yola during the visit signposts that our amiable ATM governor, Ahmadu Umaru Fintiri is in total control of the political environment and has exerted his popularity in no small measure.

My happiness over the success of the event cannot be quantified because Fintiri has against all odds boldly asserted that he is in control of Adamawa State to the chagrin of naysayers and detractors.

By doing so he has also proved to
Nigeria that he is a great mobiliser and organiser of repute and I can boldly say without hedging or the fear of being contradicted that Fintiri has fulfilled his promise of slaying the behemoth called the APC in the state.

The wonders performed by Fintiri which is akin to a magic has made Waziri himself to ecstatically say he was humbled and overjoyed by the great feat.

Our amiable governor has also put to shame his traducers and opponents who have been going to town with fairy tales that the governor is averse to the presidential ambition of Atiku Abubakar. Thank you my amiable governor for silencing such irritants and misfits for good.

Governor AUF is a National figure that must be respected and appreciated. He has done us proud in multifaceted ways.
He started by organising a successful PDP National Convention, he also contributed to the organization of one of the most successful PDP Presidential primaries that produced Waziri as the flagbearer of our great party and has also shown tremendous zeal to ensure the success of Atiku’s presidential bid.

He is now consolidating the good work by superintending the reconciliation process that will bring total truce and unity between Atiku and Wike’s camps.

I’m happy and vindicated that Fintiri has today proved that he is a loyal and true son who will never betray Adamawa State and its interests. Today Fintiri has vindicated himself beyond any reasonable doubt.

Sarkin Zana writes from Yola.


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