RE: Defection of 42,000 APC members

Our attention has been drawn to a reaction published by some APC members debunking their defection to PDP in Adamawa State.

The reaction portrayed the S.A to the Governor as a hoax who plotted to use them to defraud the Governor of Adamawa.
However, notwithstanding their inalienable rights to defect or not to, reading between the lines leads to some inferences as summarised below.

1. The purported decampees of that number did not indicate wether all of them were from a single Ward or Yola South local government area or across the entire State.

The scope of jurisdiction of the office of the S.A on Mobilisation covers the entire State. And even within the central Senatorial zone, that number is tenable to attain.

To buttress this averment, the S A was instrumental or even solely responsible for bringing Hon. Baba10 to PDP. And how many people decamped from various political parties to join Baba10 in PDP?
Furthermore, the same S A mobilised Alh. Umar Bello Jada Calculate to PDP even when his electoral constituency is Jada local government. If one conduct an objective analysis, based on what Zana has accomplished, his efforts will even become clearly underrated.

2. The allegation of a ploy to defraud the Governor is a discredited and libelous mischief calculated to impugn the integrity of Zana otherwise one could ask where are the facts?

The close relationship between Zana and his principal is public knowledge. It all appears from their insistence to be taken to the governor, the acclaimed APC stalwarts are mere playing to the gallery and may habour ulterior motives.

That knowingly they are in APC but expected Zana to take them to H.E exposes the bankruptcy of their standards. But suffice to say their pictures with Zana has exposed them. And their badly scripted reaction was therefore another phantom attempt archetypal to self denial.

Facts are sacred and they are there for public scrutiny and consumption. The so called APC stalwarts should save themselves from further public expose that will expose their true underbelly. We have more facts to prove to the world that they are mere political merchantiles looking for greener pastures.


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