CSO accuses creators of federal character of destroying Nigerian youths

From Emmanuel Samaila, Yola

A Civil Society Organization (CSO) called Youth Empowerment and Social Development (YESD) has blamed the backwardness of Nigeria and youth underdevelopment on creation of federal character commission.

The Executive Director of YESD Mr. Musa Shallangwa, while addressing Youth at a sensitisation and mobilisation training workshop yesterday in Yola, said that the creators of federal character did not only destroy the development of the country but succeeded in pushing youth out of government .

The programme, he said is sponsored by USAID and State2state for the implementation of Adamawa Inclusive Peace Agenda.

He said that Adamawa Peace Agenda is designed for the Inclusion of youth, women, marginalised groups and people with disabilities in government’s appointment and jobs recruitment.

Musa who advocated for the abolishment of federal character indigenship, religion and ethnicity in the county’s Constitution, pointed out that merit should be the focal point of appointing and recruiting workers.

“What has religion, ethnicity and indigenship has to do with performances of an individual? Nigeria is not moving forward because we focus on issues that cannot contribute to development of Nigeria”.

“Those stealing our money don’t they have religion? Does their religion recommend stealing of public funds? So why religion, ethnicity and indigenship is important in making appointments and recruiting people that can work for the development of the country,” he queried.

The Executive Director pointed out that the only way out for Nigeria to regain its past glory is to place merit above parochial sentiments that have held the country hostage for several decades.

Musa who urged youth to focus on personal development of their careers, noted that education alone cannot take them to the promised land, but self development in different skills can help them to discover themselves outside their courses of study.

He said that his CSO is operating in seven local governments in Adamawa state and that the focus is on youth, women, marginalised groups and people with disabilities.

While speaking at the event Dr. John Ngamsa, a lecturer with Moddibo Adama University Yola, said that youth restiveness will only end when youth are engaged in profitable ventures by government.

Ngamsa who blamed marginalisation of youth and women through money politics, pointed out that Nigeria democracy will continue to be moving on its knees until youth are engaged in management of the country’s economy.


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