Empowerment: Thousands of farmers get implements from Sen Binos

Thousands of farmers across the nine local governments that constitute Adamawa South senatorial zone have expressed joy and happiness over another round of support by the senator representing the area in national assembly, Sen. Binos Dauda Yaroe.

The farmers got assorted farm implements and inputs in order to strengthen their capacity to support themselves in the farming season for better yields and productivity.

Binos said that so many farmers in the country and his constituency are subsistent farmers who could not afford essential farm inputs to boost their productivity which informed the renewed support.

He said it becomes expedient and necessary to contribute in such a manner in order to support people with good intentions and will to support themselves and their communities.

Binos said, “Our people are mostly farmers and this is a farming season and we already know the concern and the challenges our people are facing; They don’t have farming inputs. They don’t have fertilizers, they don’t have herbicides to help them in their farming activities during this season so for that reason, we thought that we can just get some of these items to assist them.

“Fertilizer is a necessary input in farming and also herbicides. These days, you can hardly farm without using herbicides, that is why we consider these particular items very very important. You know we will not be able to go round to every farmer in our constituency, but even if it is hundred people, two hundred or three hundred people we are able to assist, it will go a long way.

“Three weeks ago, we distributed these items to at least sixty people per Local Government. We identified real farmers, people who are real farmers who need assistance. And in every Local Government the sixty, this particular consignment is a smaller quantity, that is why here today we have ten people per Local Government in addition to other interest groups that we identified for example; our traditional rulers we know they are big time farmers so, we did not forget them.”

Speaking on the state of the nation Binos said, “I think in Nigeria today, every right-thinking person knows the difference between when PDP was in power, and now that we are under another party at the center. So many indices show that voting APC the power in 2015 was a big mistake and the country is suffering for it.

” Look at all the indices, what was the exchange rate in 2015, and what is it today? What was the rate of inflation in 2015, and what is it today? What was the cost of one bag of rice in 2015, what is it today? Just look at every index of development and you will know that people have never had it this bad.

“What was the security situation in 2015, and what is it like today? In 2015, we were only talking about the North East, today it is the entire country. There is no place that is safe. In 2015, you can travel from here to Abuja by road and you will not be afraid but today you cannot. There are so many things that have gone wrong because of the government we have put in place because they don’t know what they are doing and because they absolutely have no idea of how to run things.

“And what PDP is offering is to offer somebody who has experience who has been part of a successful PDP government from 1999 to 2007, Atiku Abubakar, a man who has the capacity, who is a well-known businessman, who has run businesses successfully and has run higher education institutions successfully. Just measure him and you will know that we have somebody who is ready to perform from day one,” he said.

Speaking at the occasion, one of the beneficiaries of the farm inputs, Maiwada Bello from Jada said, “I was at home when my colleagues called that I have been chosen to benefit from an empowerment program organized by the senator, that was how I was given two bags of fertilizer, some herbicide, and other empowerment tools.

“This is like a miracle to me because I never expected it.”

Musa Yaji, a resident of Toungo said, “This empowerment exercise is the most selfless, unbiased, and people-oriented projected executed by any politician in this zone. You don’t have to know anyone or be from his political party, he just supported most of us because he knows we truly farm and that we would put it to good use.

“This will improve my life and that of my family as well as my farming experience. People in my area are still wondering whether it is real.”


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