Re: #EndASUUStrike: Buhari should Save University System

By Prof. M. K. Othman

I must confess, from last year to date, no article elicited uncountable reactions from my readers more than this article, which was published last week. On the website of Blueprint, there were 79 shares, on my Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, personal blog, Telegram, etc, there were over 100 shares and countless comments.

Only one comment was at variance with my write-up. That comment was from an obscure personality, perhaps, a foot-soldier of the hawks, people behind the sluggish and lackadaisical handling of the FGN-ASUU imbroglio. All other comments appeal to the Federal Government under the leadership of the people’s president, President Muhammadu Buhari to accede to ASUU demands and end the strike immediately.

People realize the importance of education particularly university education, which forms a rock foundation for the development of society. I am presenting a few from numerous comments to give the issue the prominence it deserves. Some of the comments were reviewed for clarity and conformity with my writing style. Happy reading.

My Prof. This is a masterpiece of columns. May Allah Grant you long life to write more, amen. On the issues of the ASUU strike you have pointed out all its genesis and conclusion and at the same time suggested a lasting solution.

The pharaoh would not have earned notoriety for infanticide, had the idea of founding a college crossed his mind. Rulers of Africa break the enemy’s head, and those of the West alter his nature, treating its ego with the acid of education, more efficacious than the elixir this acid is, a mountain of gold it built asunder.

Destroying the gods of this education is a great catastrophe. Frank and brown fly in the air like birds, turning a desert into a fertile Land. Frank and Brown talked to the world in some seconds, traveling from West to East in no seconds, which they achieved through education. Frank and Brown formed a gigantic world power and advancement through education! Alas for Blacken, these gigantic gifts he was about to destroy for the education he cares not, setting his whims on Sandy sham. The Idols of knowledge he hungered. But, thanks to God for reps and power re-awake. Alas! If the hawk knows why the hunter hunt for it, it might fly to the palace of Kings.

ASUU only strike to bring the collapsed University to life but not for her bellies to be filled and to make competition with Frankish and Brownies level of education to produce future youths that will speak and dreams like him to excel than Chinese so the roots of slavery will be cut forever.

Having an understanding of education he might fly and soar higher. These enemies hate and furies. May the Almighty God make Blacken realize that destroying education is akin to self-destruction, perhaps, this madness may stop.

Yakubu Yunusa Sakpe, Bida

This article is an excellent and factual analysis of the ASUU lingering face-off with FGN. It is a must-read article that needs to be circulated widely for all people to understand the enormity of the deceptive game being played by those representing the FGN. We need to call a “spade, a spade” and advise the FGN to sheath its sword and embrace the truth to save the future of our innocent children who are presently compelled to languish at home doing nothing.

Lest we forget, an idle mind is a devil’s workshop. Keeping our children doing nothing has the potential of luring them into all sorts of crimes. A stitch in time saves nine. Elderly and wise men should lend their voices on this matter and press hard on the stubborn FGN to act fastly to save the Nigerian educational sector from being bastardized.

The nation has the financial capacity to redeem its covenants and pledges it signed on with all the unions of our universities. The nation-state has the money. We have seen and heard about the colossal looting spree and impunity going on in Nigeria.

Needless to mention names of the few elites that stole taxpayers’ monies and are moving about the street free. Some are accorded plea bargains to return just a fraction of what they stole. Whilst others are given a presidential pardon. Others are still dragging their feet or trashing it out in a court of law with aid of their hired, expensive lawyers called Senior Advocates of Nigeria (SAN).

Oil theft is going on daily, subsidy payments to oil marketers are being paid, and some MDAs are looting every dime they came across at their disposal. All these dramas being played out were being carried out in various media and running into trillions of Naira that only a fraction of the recovered loot can solve the paucity of funds bedeviling our universities.

How do you explain this inconceivable corruption of the highest order happening right under our nose and to the public glare, and expect the poor innocent university unions to understand that there is no money…Haba Jama’a!

Musa Ajiya, Kaduna

Things such as money, justice, buildings, humanity e.t.c were lost at the hands of their managers. Destroying any nation does not require using atomic bombs and long-range missiles, but it can be destroyed by lowering the quality of education.

Mr. President should therefore act quickly to rescue the university system as the catalyst for economic and national development. Above all, the collapse of education is the collapse of the nation.

Sani Lawal, Katsina.

Prof. Sir! You have spoken with sincerity, experience, and focus but honestly speaking Sir I’m not happy with the way things were handled by this government, a government that was dully elected full of promises and assurance. Honestly, I’m disappointed !!

Jibril Atiku Abdullahi, Zaria

Prof good evening, to me this government doesn’t value education. I wonder why the Minister of Education will not be reasoning with Pro-Chancellors, Vice-chancellors, and advising Mr. President professionally. Things are not going well because the President is not getting strategic advice from well-meaning Ministers/Advisers.

If the right caliber of people like is made Minister of Education or Employment our education system would not have been in this mess. May God be with us in this trying time.

Justmaster Nnaji, Zaria

Well-spoken. We – your students, recognize your struggles toward making our university system viable. We appreciate your efforts, Sir. Thank you very much for your write-ups,

Aliyu Yakubu, Kaduna


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