2023: Northern youths condemn moves by elders to anoint Atiku’s presidential bid

~ Say plan will have catastrophic consequences

A coalition of northern youths under the auspices of northern youths for good governance, has warned the region’s elders against the purported illegal anointment of the presidential ambition of former vice president Atiku Abubakar saying such move will spell doom for the region.

They noted that the move is selfish, illegal, absurd, ultra vires and completely negates the spirit and letters of constitutional democracy.

A statement by Umar Bello Jada, a.k.a Calculate on behalf of the group noted that such selfish move will erode the integrity of the region in national politics and render it a political liability especially considering the fact that the candidate they are rooting for is a political lightweight in the region.

He noted that buoyed by such support, the former Vice President, believed that he can do away with the support of Igbo and Yoruba which he articulated recently in his speech in Kaduna State.

“Buoyed by the support of the so called elders, the former Vice President felt he no more needed the support of Igbo and Yoruba culminating in his recent treatise against the two major ethnic nationalities which betrays his so call mantra as a unifier and bridge builder.

“We have learnt that some of the so called elders who are behind the failure of the Buhari’s regime are clandestinely rooting to anoint the presidential ambition of the former vice president Atiku Abubakar at all cost regardless of the set backs such will cause the north to suffer.

“To realize such an unholy and illegal political misadventure, they contracted an amorphous organization called Arewa Joint Committee where they intended to illegally endorse the ambition of Atiku and frustrate the ambitions of all the northern candidates.

“We felt that such moves is antithetical to the North’s political principles as enunciated by its foundling fathers like Sardauna and Tafawa Balewa who carried all along in their strides irrespective of religion, creed and other tendencies,” he said.

Jada advised the elders to have a rethink and retire back to their castles to enjoy their loot in peace in their own interests because the northern youth will never accept this renewed onslaught on democracy and rule of law.

“The so called elders need to retire back into the castles they built with their looted money. We say enough is enough as we cannot allow them to have their way by hoisting another unpopular and unhealthy candidate.

“These people were responsible for all the backwardness which the north has suffered in the last seven locus years of the Buhari leadership. We are fed up with such selfish politics because we as a region were worst hit by it,” he said.

Jada noted that information at their disposal indicated that the so called northern elders have made a futile arrangement to use the faceless group to convene a meeting where they intended to endorse Atiku.

“We are happy that Eng Rabiu Musa Kwankwao has seen the writing on the wall by distancing himself from such a kangaroo contraption which the so called elders wanted to use to push their selfish proclivities against all odds.

“We the discerning youth of the north want the region to regain back its lost glory, that is why we will continue to spare no effort in destroying the latest antics by the so called elders,” he said.


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