JSR: RoLAC holds one day workshop for journalists in Adamawa

In order to ensure effective reportage of the Justice Sector Reforms (JSR) and court proceedings in Adamawa State, the EU Rule of Law and Anti-Corruption (RoLAC) has on Wednesday organized a one day workshop for journalists.

During the session, journalists were groomed on the usage and meanings of some of the terminologies and legal jargons used in the Justice Sector so as to correct the manifest errors and mistakes they make while reporting.

The journalists where taken through a compendium of 433 legal terminologies, phrases and jargons often used in the Justice Sector especially during court proceedings just as their meanings and applications were also dissected.

In her remark, the Adamawa State cordinator of RoLAC, Hapsat Abdullahi said the reason for the training is to make journalists to be abreast of some of the terminologies, used in the sector for effective reportage.

She noted that the media which is an integral part of the Justice Sector Reform Team (JSRT) needs to be properly guided on the usage of such terminologies and jargons so as to report accurately and effectively.

She noted that the JSRT which comprises of the media, NBA, CSOs, FIDA, the Police, Attorney General of the state, NSCDC and a host of other stakeholders was formed in the state in order to address the litany of challenges dogging the administration of justice in the state.

Abdullahi noted that the litany of challenges in the Administration of Criminal Justice Law in the state usually lead to delay in dispensation of justice and unnecessary bickering between the various stakeholders in the sector.

She added that since the JSRT comprises of all the stakeholders, challenges are looked at collectively and solutions are also proffered collectively.

Abdullahi added that in order to strengthen the JSRT, her office came up with a work plan which consists of 16 activities adding that one of the activities is training the journalists to be abreast of the reforms being pursued in the Justice Sector so that they can accurately inform the general public about such novel developments.

Also speaking, the chairman of the JSRT, and Solicitor General of Adamawa State, Samuel Yaumande thanked RoLAC for organizing the workshop which will strengthen the capacity of journalists to report the reforms in the Justice Sector effectively.

Yaumande who was represented by Baba Zare, a member of the JSRT noted that since inception the team has recorded a number of milestones aimed at ensuring speedy dispensation of justice.

He noted that the reforms being pursued in the state have started yielding fruits with the successful operation of statement taking room and the fact that “bail is free” is now enforced in the state.

He noted that with the training, the justice sector reforms taking root in the state will be accurately and efficiently covered and reported.


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