Binani and her latest infantile tantrum

By Paul Zidon

In her latest attempt to extricate herself from the maze of controversies she has wrought on her head on account of her inflated ego, arrogance and whimsical proclivity, Sen. Aishatu Dahiru Binani has shot herself on the foot again.

The politician who recently became a smoking gun fighting real and imaginary enemies, is surely on a path of political perdition unless she takes a detour from the dangerous road she is currently plying.

What is most baffling about Binani is that in the course of this self inflicted, tourtous and tragic journey to political Golgotha, she seems to have forgotten the roles our great political party played in her leadership trajectory by giving her the highest office she ever occupied.

But the major concern here is that Binani has in action and thoughts made it abundantly clear to every discerning party man that since she could not ride on the crest of the party to attain her selfish and whimsical desires of getting the gubernatorial ticket by hook or crook, the party must be destroyed at all cost.

That is why she has recently been deploying all manner of tactics from the weird to the absurd solely to frustrate the party. In the same token, she has evaded every civil way advanced to her by the party to ensure law and order as the party works strenuously to reclaim its gubernatorial ticket come 2023 general election.

Binani’s latest antics of destroying the party became crystal clear when she unilaterally hand picked members of the state presidential campaign council without recourse to the stakeholders of the party. To underscore her desperation, Binani even went outside the party to source for those names as after scrutiny, a number of those names were not found in the APC register.

In so doing, she shunned the party at the state and local government levels and also vehemently refused to involve any of the party’s candidates as well as the numerous stakeholders while forming the state PCC membership.

As expected, the state working committee and other stakeholders at a press briefing yesterday called the bluff of Binani and rejected the one man show of shame she has hoisted as the party in clear terms asserts a sturdy independence and control on its machineries.

But as is the case with any self conceited and arrogant fellow, instead of Binani to deeply and soberly appreciate the genuine and germane concerns of the party stakeholders, she embarked on her usual ego trip, through a hatchet writer Bash Mosquito where she spared no efforts in vilifying and denigrating the party to no avail.

Both Binani and her lowly hatchet writer believed that the only way their sordid ranting will gain traction is by smearing the good names of the Ribadu family by dragging it in the gutter.

Unknown to them, no amount of vile attack and mudslinging can smear the sterling records and plaudits which the Ribadu name has brought to Adamawa State and Nigeria from the first republic till this day.

In the sordid write up full of avoidable blunders and bereft of logic, the writer insinuated that Mustapha Ribadu, a nephew to Malam Nuhu Ribadu has made a vow to install Malam Nuhu Ribadu as the standard-bearer of our party, otherwise, PDP should remain at the helm of affairs in the state.

I marveled at Binani’s penchant for crudeness and banality which made her to be so daring and bold in making libelous and unsubstantiated remarks just for the expediency of political gains.

If Binani can spew lies and half truths at convinience just to achieve an odious political goal, can we in all honesty bestow the exalted position of our state leadership on her? That should be a food for thought to all discerning good people of Adamawa State.

But back to our issue, if Mustapha Ribadu has the ability to single handedly give his nephew the ticket as insinuated but instead gave it to Binani who emerged the winner of the APC guvernorship primaries, can the same Mustapha be acussed of nepotism? What a puerile bunkum?

Let me reiterate this position so clearly that in the Ribadu family, Mustapha Atiku Ribadu is just a non issue as the family has produced heavy weights in diaspora, at national level and even at local levels. Currently, the member representing Girei, Yola North and Yola South federal constituency, in the house of representatives is from the family. Also the house of representatives candidate of APC for Abuja Municipal Area Council (AMAC) is from the family.

Being obsessed with the name of Mustapha Ribadu who is not even in the state for over two weeks and linking him with the state working committee’s action only shows how dread the name Mustapha Ribadu evokes in the mind of Binani. And neither Binani nor her lowly hatchet writers could do anything about it as it is the will of Allah to make that situation prevails.

Hon. Paul Zidon writes from Numan local government, Adamawa State.


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