Elegant Flix Berths as 3D e-magazine

With its mission of pioneering a definitive innovative genre in the publishing space, Elegant Flix, an online 3D magazine which covers interests surrounding lifestyle, entertainment, business, politics, sports has finally tee off.

In this interview with, Austin Ajayi, publisher and an award winning Queen of the International Nollywood Actress, Queen of the Red Carpet, HRM, Florence Okonkwo bears her mind on the international online magazine.

Congratulations Queen Florence, l am sure you are very proud with what you have achieved particularly the berthing of e- Elegant Flix Magazine in United Kingdom a few weeks ago.

Our readers will want to know, how or when did you muted this idea of e-magazine and what do we expect from this magazine?

HRM: Thank you very much, yes! l am indeed very proud not for this dream come true but also a very proud Nigerian woman.

I have been in UK for sometime now, I’m a Nollywood actress, an award winning Queen of Nollywood in the UK, it has always be my dream to showcase talents, cultures, celebrities, traditions of people and countries around the the globe and one way I think I can do this is to document it through a unique magazine.

Q.The magazine was recently launched in the United Kingdom, your maiden edition showcased more of pictures of celebrities, are you going to be celebrating people alone?

HRM: No, it’s not going to be people alone, like I said, we will celebrate cultures, traditions, organizations and achievements of the unknown persons and most importantly, the rich cultural heritage of Nigeria, Africa countries and other countries of the world.

The e- magazine is basically to inform, entertain, educate, having no barrier of age, tribe, race, ethnicity, and being made available to all to enjoy.

The bimonthly 3D magazine is targeted to be a reader’s delight and satisfaction, creating that sublime emotional connectivity between reader and publisher.

Therefore, as a pioneering e-magazine publisher, we are human-centered and as such user-focused, with our interactive flippable 3D pages, we give you a sense of tangibility to the magazine.

It is a digital tactile experience that allows you to flip the pages of the magazine with a swipe and watch the page literally flip in the expected direction.

It is a fun and highly responsive feature that makes for a somewhat traditional reading experience— from the turning of a page to the slosh sound of actually flipping a page.

Q. How were you able to assemble your team for this innovative 3D e- magazine?

HRM: I am the vision carrier, I have look for who understands my vision and thank l was able reach out to people, high profile people, the executives, reporters and brand ambassadors of the magazine proudly supported by NOIRETV are persons of high moral standards who have distinguished themselves over the years both in their private and public lives.

They include Prof. Dr. Pauline Long (Ambassador); High Chief Richmond MacGrey, (Ambassador); Chief Bimbo Roberts Folayan (Ambassador); Mayor Olalekan A. Ajibola (Executive); Chief Ejezie Emeka Rollas (Ambassador); Amb Yvette Philbert Chief Agility Onwurah (Ambassador) and Austin Ajayi (President).

With these high profile people working together, I assure you that the edition will be mind blowing.


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