SDP’s technical knockout to PDP in Adamawa

By Ahmed SS Landy

Two political events happened in Adamawa state recently defining the unfolding 2023 elections campaign season. First, is that for the first time ever an opposition political party (in this case the SDP) was given Mahmud Ribadu Square (Amadawa’s Eagle Square) to flag off its gubernatorial campaign last week Thursday. And to the glory of God, the event was astoundingly successful, gathering massive crowd of supporters in their hundreds of thousand across the state.

Second, again for the first time, an incumbent governor flagged off his campaign exactly a week later outside Ribadu Square in the state capital, in Shelleng, amidst a very poor turnout.

To all discerning minds, these two separate events are obviously interconnected and symbolic. The first event demonstrates that SDP and its governorship candidate have emerged as a reckoning power bloc in the politics of the state; while the second event illustrates the dwindling support among the masses and fading electoral fortunes against the PDP and its candidates in the politics of the state.

For us in the SDP campaign, the two recent events are clear indicators of the direction Adamawa state politics has taken. The most logical explanation of the two events is that in the emerging political dynamics of the state, SDP is rising and PDP is falling.

Symbolizing the new dynamics is PDP’s fear of and failure to flag off its gubernatorial campaign at the traditional Ribadu Square venue in Yola, because the party knows too well that it cannot gather the support SDP gathered in its flag off last week Thursday, and it doesn’t want this fact noticeable.

In order to hide this deficiency vis~a~vis SDP’s rising popularity, therefore, it went to hide itself in Shelleng, away from the glaring view of centre of activities, to flag off its campaign yesterday. This is a technical knockout the SDP gave to the PDP.

More knockouts line up to come.

Landy the SDP State Campaign Spokesman writes from Yola.


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