YPP unveils 50 man campaign council for HoR candidate in Adamawa

A budding political party that is fast gaining foothold in Adamawa, the Young Progressives Party (YPP) has today unveiled 50-man campaign council for its house of representatives hopeful, Nuruddeen Hammanyero who is in the race to represent Toungo, Ganye, Jada and Mayo Belwa federal constituency.

At a high-powered event convened by the party in Jada local government, Saturday, members expressed optimism that YPP represents a new hope for the people of the area as encapsulated by the manifesto of the party and its house of reps candidate.

The chairman of the party, Eng Musa Maigana who said YPP is the party to beat, shortly after swearing-in the campaign council, said, with a promising young, vibrant and educated man in the lead, he is upbeat that the party will emerge victorious come 2023.

He said despite the huge human, natural and agricultural endowment of the area, long term neglect by its past leaders has rendered the constituency economically and socially procumbent.

The chairman of the party who was represented by his secretary, Hon. Baba Nyako noted that the party which symbolizes a new dawn is gaining unprecedented momentum due to the acceptability of its house of representatives candidate.

“Let us vote for Nuruddeen Hammanyero because he is the face of hope in our neo political dispensation. He is a young, vibrant, energetic, educated and cosmopolitan politician with the required dose of political will to bring positive change in our constituency,” he said.

Nyako noted that members of the campaign council were meticulously selected adding that with the caliber of tested and trusted hands in the campaign council, he is sure of the party’s victory come 2023 general election.

He also urged them to engage on issue based campaign and not to veer off the track by pandering to the inanities of unscrupulous politicians who have nothing tangible to offer just as he called for cohesion and unity of purpose.

Expressing the rationale for his ambition, the house of representatives hopeful, Eng. Nuruddeen Hammanyero said he is in the race to right the wrongs of the past noting that the area has suffered neglect since the advent of this democratic dispensation in 1999.

He however expressed optimism that all hope is not lost as the messiah who will save the constituency from from further drift has appeared in the horizon.

Hammanyero urged the people not to despair in the face of serial disappointments they suffered in the past as he is mindful of the verdict of posterity on him.

“When you have long been disappointed you will have reason not to listen to anybody. However, everything in life happens for a reason. I’m not a special person. I’m also a human like you.

“What I’m saying is that there should be a window in your life not only politically. There should be a window in life that you always leave for another chance. And it is this window that I’m asking please consider me with this chance.

“May be you will have a change of mind that we are not all the same so it is not about I have been disappointed all the time, maybe this one time you will give the chance you will see the difference.

“Whatever I tell you, you may choose to say somebody has told you before and he has not come back to it but give me the chance, I feel I have every reason, I have what it takes and I feel I’m too young to give this disappointment to my society because I don’t think I could reconcile it for the rest of my life.

“If I’m 40 today and you vote me and I did otherwise, if God gives me another 20 years it is going to be difficult for me to reconcile it. What I will tell you always give a window in your life and it is this window I’m looking for because I’m going to probe so many people wrong,” he said.


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