The overambitious beyond dreams of avarice, the lost in Lust…

By Adamu Muhammad Dodo

Discussing serious and salient skin-serrating, the specifically selected sermon is in series, engages the citizenry to critical thoughts, advocates societal reorientation for a return or reinforcement of moral sensibility against the modern day idol.

It hits the lust for money and materialism so hard as though a hammer to the Hubal in zeitgeist referred to as the darkest age of Arabia when Allah SWS brought the light, illuminated the heart, illustratively eliminated the lust to recover the lost in humanity with the mercy onto mankind, Muhammad SAW, the last messinger with the final message; the seal of all revelation to revolutionise the world in the spirit of UNITY associated with PEACE.

It was Marie Corelli, who in her Sorrows of Satan, identified from the humankind, those who pretend to be what they are not, hence would do anything and everything to maintain and sustain the imaginatively mirage-like obnoxious status quo.

Sorrows of Satan is an 1895 Faustian novel that is widely regarded as one of the world’s first best-sellers.

Considered in the philosophical context, Faust’s many adventures all communicate the message that to find happiness man must learn to conquer the lower elements of his nature and live constructively within the framework imposed on him.

The setting is London, Marie Corelli reflects on the Satan’s inflicted Sorrows when the Devil is on the loose, searching for humankind morally strong enough to resist temptation, but there seems little chance he will succeed.

Britain is all but totally corrupt as it is depicted; the aristocracy is financially and spiritually bankrupt; church leaders no longer believe in God; Victorian idealism has been banished from literature and life; and sexual morality is being undermined by the pernicious doctrines of the “New Woman.” Everything and everyone is up for sale, and it takes a special kind of moral courage to resist the Devil’s seductions. Simply put, British ripe against the brutish for a civilizational order.

Centuries later, Modibbo Adama University Teaching Hospital, MAUTH Yola Mosque as the setting, Imam Haruna Yawale would in a Jumu’at sermon yesterday, reawaken human consciousness, recover their hearts lost in Lust, typical of Correli’s London with money as the most worshiped modern day idol.

Yawale would frown upon corroding forces of modern society that lured politicians to heresy; killing children and sodomy, among other beyond the pale, as ritual for power and authority and the near bereft of ambitious youth blindly indulge in Bitcoin and Crypto digital mining ignoring the books and skills for self-reliance.

The Citizenry lives in a rather pretentious flamboyant life, as Marie Corelli would describe about living a life that is entirely unrealistic, typical of what Macbeth would in William Shakespeare be pleased to refer to as being dressed in borrowed robes, beyond the dreams of avarice.

Commenting on the Sorrows of Satan, a literary critic would articulate that “whosoever prefers Self to God, and in the arrogance of that Self, presumes to doubt and deny God, invites another power to compass his destinies,—the power of Evil, made evil and kept evil by the disobedience and wickedness of Man alone”.

To be continued…


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