To defeat Binani, Fintiri needs Nyako not Bindow

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The rumors running round is that the PDP governorship candidate in Adamawa state, Rt Hon Ahmadu Umaru Fintiri, a.k.a ATM, a.k.a Fresh Air, the present state governor, is wooing the immediate past governor of the state, he defeated at the 2019 polls, one of whom he impliedly attributed to, as the cause of backwardness of the state he inherited from, Sen Muhammadu Umaru Jibrilla, a.k.a Bindow, a.k.a Ikon Allah, to form an alliance, strong enough to suppress or neutralise or defeat the Distinguished Senator Aishatu Dahiru Ahmed, a.k.a Binani, the APC governorship candidate, addressed by President Muhammadu Buhari as the Governor-In-Waiting, who like Tsunami whirls round to occupy Adamawa space, or as Willy would describe her emergence at the political – governorship – scene as intimidating to have forced Fintiri to pick Farauta by dropping Seth as running mate.

It would appear to be a kind of political miscalculation that politicians, the likes of Calculate could constructively construe as crude, cowardly and unintelligible. Especially, coming at a time when the former governor’s cabinet members he would have thought would remain loyal even after having been forsaken – having an unpaid severance entitlements – pitched their tents with the amazing amazon and the APC as a party, for victory.

Bindow only came third during the APC governorship primaries in Adamawa that produced Binani, coupled with the impact of the contributions of the amazing amazon; the approval of the bill she sponsored on the establishment of the federal medical centre, Mubi has on Bindow and Fintiri’s immediate constituency.

It is not clear whether or not Bindow has cleared himself with the stakeholders, the citizenry and/or the monarchy so offended during his tenure. One point that is clear however, is that Jalingo-Maiha district’s palace, Maiha local government, remains vacant over four years after the high court judgement, when Bindow was in government as the governor.

Recall that “O Jippa Tan” slogan introduced by Baba Maimangoro that sent Bindow out of Dougirei Hill was launched at the heart of Jalingo-Maiha District in an abandoned local government the former governor claimed to be his origin, where however his leadership almost destroyed the established monarchy traced to Bn Fodio.

The sage in Maiha would say that to make Binani withdraw from the governorship race would take Nyako, whom she referred to as father and political mentor, to tell her to do so.

Recall that Binani simply stepped aside from the being a coordinator of the APC presidential campaign committee for Adamawa state because she would not tolerate insult against Nyako for a “scallywagish” overambitious and crudely-cheap-spokesperson-political-recognition act.

The sage in Maiha would argue that “to defeat Binani, Fintiri needs Nyako not Bindow’s backing. The question is, has Fintiri endeared himself to the favour begging for Nyako’s support?

“Two characters are identified with Nyako; compassion and courage out of which the social welfare scheme and skills acquisition for women and youth empowerment initiative have addressed the challenges associated with youth restiveness and that which were suspended immediately after the unlawful impeachment of the initiator that Bindow failed to reintroduce as an undertaking.

“Binani is taking after her father and mentor, with the social welfare and skills acquisition programmes for women and youth empowerment, even as a lawmaker, it is prayed she would continue as a governor.

“Binani’s received the blessings of Nyako who has already lends his support for her aspiration, considered as a positive move in getting the state out of the maze; hence the #SaiMatanNan…

To be continued.

Culled from the Periscope Global News portal.


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