Auditing firm decries non payment for services by Adamawa govt

An auditing firm which provided consultancy services for the Adamawa state government through the office of the Auditor General of Adamawa state, has decried a cold and disrespectful treatment by the Gov. Ahmadu Umaru Fintiri, led PDP government saying it provided a sterling and outstanding service that earned the government an award, yet, it has not been paid for its services.

The firm speaking through one of its representatives who prefer anonymity, said because of its outstanding work, the Fintiri led government was awarded a winners prize of $10 million Dollars for outstanding book keeping, yet the company that audited the the government’s account is yet to be paid its entitlements.

The firm’s representative said, “We are so disappointed with the attitude of the Gov. Fintiri led government to firms who provided good services for it.

“It is just natural and responsible that people who provide excellent services to your organisation or your government are repaid with appreciation and prompt payment for their services and not being subjected to the harsh treatment we have been subjected to.

“We have invested our time, resources and energy to this project and the result was excellent, is that not enough motivation to pay us promptly and even with extra benefits?

“We even thought that with our good work we would be rewarded with extra benefits, but the reverse is the case and this is against our terms of agreement as external Auditors, but refusing to pay for services rendered to the state government after getting an award is not fair to us, more so the money to be paid is not from the coffers of the state government.

“We are a responsible firm and we respect our clients that is why we are giving as little details as we could. because we just want today get for the Services rendered. It is over 3 years now that we audited this accounts.

“We are calling on the state government to do the most responsible thing and pay us based on contractual agreement reached or we report to the appropriate body as it has been long over due,” the source said.


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