New year: Gov Fintiri urges residents to renew faith in Adamawa project

Governor Ahmadu Umaru Fintiri has appealed to Adamawa citizens “not to give in to naysayers and sceptics” In his new year message. He promised to continue to change narratives and ensure that he leaves Adamawa “more united, more sovereign and more democratic.”

A statement by Humwashi Wonosikou, Fintiri’s press secretary said governor Fintiri also urged residents of the State to believe in the Adamawa project.

“That hope, dreams and aspirations must not be lost, we must resolve this New Year to return to ourselves and give impetus to them; to do this successfully, we must begin to believe in our government and the Adamawa Project once more as we begin another year.’’ he said.

Reiterating the determination of his administration to keep the wheel of progress turning with people focused policies and far reaching infrastructural development projects. the Governor assured that the State is safe adding that the citizens should continue to live together in peaceful and harmonious co-existence.

“As a state, God is helping us to emerge from the scourge of underdevelopment and insecurity. I urge you to embrace and support the good policies of the government to enable us do more,” he added.

While congratulating the people for witnessing the end of the year and the beginning of another year, Governor Fintiri challenged them to start by defining for themselves the kind of future that they want. “It is only when we agree on this that we can unite towards recreating the Adamawa of our collective dreams.’’

Fintiri expressed the optimism that the nation’s challenges were surmountable.
Going forward, the Governor noted that the time to consolidate on the gains we have achieved is now and it require conscious efforts by citizens to resolve them.

He stated that “We must shun those tendencies threatening our co-existence which is the cause of the nation’s woes.”
Ahead of the 2023 elections, Governor Fintiri urged residents of the State to look back at all that they had gone through in the past year, adding that, “The time has come for us to take an introspective look at ourselves in an attempt to get to the root of our problems and challenges.”

He reassured that as a government his administration will not fail the people, but ensure that he consolidates on the gains achieved and even do more, but insisted that the cooperation and support of the people was paramount for that to happen.

“The truth of the matter is that, whether it is the downturn in the economy or our security situation, the challenges are traceable to ourselves,” Fintiri added.

He therefore tasked the people to re-invent the unity of purpose which existed among them before now, saying they should draw strength from the nation’s diversity.

He advised against creating an octopus that will continue to threaten to devour the collective heritage of the people, warning that the octopus embedded in what is traceable to intolerance among the diverse people of Nigeria must be pulled down for the nation to progress.

He noted that if all Nigerians accepted each other as one, the electoral process in 2023 would be peaceful and transparent.

The Governor urged the political class to pursue issue-based campaign instead of campaign of calumny, hatred and winning at all costs.

He also urged residents of the state to take a moment to reflect and count their blessings over the past year and give God all the Glory for the privilege of witnessing another year.

Governor Fintiri thanked Adamawa citizens for their support over the past seven and half years and commended them for their patriotic partnership.


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