Dr Ardo And The Moral Right On Suspension Of NGOs


By Umar Farouk

I have the moral courage to respond to insinuations in some quarters about the suspension of activities of International and Local Non Governmental Organizations in Adamawa State.

I wish to specifically state that the misleading report that initially featured on the social media with the headline “Suspending NGO’s Activities In Adamawa An Assault To Democracy”said to be championed by Dr Umar Ardo is not only misleading but mischievous.

I am shocked by the falsehood depicted in this report and desires to utilize this means to urge journalists to always seek the truth before publishing any news that may mislead the general public especially, that, most if not all practicing Journalists in Adamawa State were at the presentation by the Governor.

This irresponsible, unlawful and provocative publication serves as a reminder of what our focused Governor Ahmadu Umaru Fintiri endures daily at the hands of reckless and irresponsible politicians who place their selfish agenda above the State’s interest.

In view of the misinformation and false reports that have been fed to the media and that have pervaded the public space, there is need to set the records straight.
I hereby beg to use this medium to clarify the fictitious, baseless and unsubstantiated assertions for the benefit of our citizens who are direct beneficiaries of the humanitarian assistance by these organizations and the general public.

I think Dr Ardo got it all wrong when he accused Governor Ahmadu Unaru Fintiri of suspending election observers. He Ardo, purported that “For most of us in the SDP, the critical activities of NGOs especially in observing and monitoring elections processes before, during and after, is essential against prone untoward manipulation and rigging of the exercise by incumbent governments and political parties. Therefore to take such a drastic action at this crucial period when the state governorship and House of Assembly elections are by the corner definitely calls to question the motive of the governor. For us, the governor simply wants to remove NGOs’ critical element in elections monitoring to manipulate and rig the process,” he said.

I believe the Government has nothing to hide because it has earned the trust of the people having performed creditably well with its policy of financial discipline and massive rural and urban renewal programme that speaks for the administration of Governor Ahmadu Umaru Fintiri.

Back to the point, as chief security officer of the State, the Governor has the responsibility to ensure such organizations do not deviate from their primary function which is the case here.

Having discovered that most Non-Governmental Organizations have abandoned their duties and taken to politics for reasons based known to them in the name of providing humanitarian assistance to the people, and misleading them through injecting divisive tendencies into their psyche, the Government decided to be proactive in furtherance of its desire to reorder the electoral behaviour of the people and remove the influence of the NGOs who have reduce the statutory mandate to that one of a vote buying machine.
The intention is in good faith and in furtherance of the desire to deepen democracy and protect the humanitarian mandate of the NGOs.

The allegation which is strong does not reflect the intent of Governor Fintiri and his Government and to me this is a calculated attempt to twist facts to make Governor Fintiri look as a bad person before the public and the International community.

Let me unequivocally state that the accusation made by Dr Ardo is false and irresponsible, and is intended to malign and discredit the personality of our great Governor and Leader.

The insinuation is also an attempt to sabotage the Government’s progress and good intentions by spreading misleading information. The report is nothing but political rascality as no election observer was suspended, but those NGOs found to be culpable in dabbling into politics instead of their humanitarian activities.

I speak the minds of Adamawa people who are solidly in support of their Governor and his leadership. We call for a total disregard of the statement by Dr Ardo and those who are paid agents of other Political Parties to destablise, truncate, and cause confusion in the State towards March 11 Governorship and House of Assembly elections.
I believe ample evidence exists to establish the involvement of these NGOs in vote buying.

There was evidence of declarations that would sustain a conclusion that they believed and taught that their activities as it were was necessary to effect the purposes of their sponsors.

Umar Farouk is a concerned Adamawa citizen. He writes from Yola.


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