EYN church boils over selection of venue for centenary celebration


Crisis is looming in the Ekklesiyar Yan’uwa a Nigeria (EYN) over selection of venue for the celebration of the centenary of the church.

The programme of events released by the EYN leadership under president Joel Billy, showed that for the first time in the history of the church’s 100 years, the birthday of EYN in Africa will be celebrated outside Garkida where the church was established since 17th March 1923.

A group called Concerned Citizens who are members of the EYN church asked Billy, the president to retraced his steps to avoid putting the church into crisis.

The spokeman of the group Durkwa Dogara Hammdu, told journalists today in Garkida, the attempt by the Billy leadership to modify the history of the church will resisted to save the soul of the church.

Hammdu who spoked under the tree that the first Mass celebration of EYN was held by Rev. Albert Helser,in Garkida,urged the president of the church to desist from any temptation that can bring disunity in the church in the interest of peace and progress of the church.

“Don’t turns our joy of voting you as our president into tears, we were happy to have you as our leader,so ends your leadership with tears on our faces,” he said.

Hammdu,added, “we want to handover EYN church to our children thesame way our parents handed over the church to us .Truth must triumph over darkness and the truth most be told in the interest of our children”.

He alleged that some people were fabricating lies using security challenges, which he said it does not exist.

” If there is insecurity how come all schools are operating, churches are holding their Masses on Sundays, markets are holding on all market days,so where is the insecurity that can prevent a one day occasion,” he asked.

Hammdu expressed the fear that what brought divisions in LCCN which divided the church should not be introduce in EYN by the leadership of president Joel Billy.

He urged members of EYN church to stand up and defend truth, unity and soul of the church.


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