Coalition of christian youths/women endorse Fintiri’s second term bid


A coalition of Christian youth/women has endorsed governor Ahmadu Umaru Fintiri’s second term bid.

A statement by the coordinator Coalition of Christian Youths and Women in the State David Simon Dzalla in a press released immediately after their meeting said members of the coalition unanimously endorsed governor Ahmadu Umaru Fintiri for second term.

The statement read “the 2023 Governorship and State Assembly elections slated for Saturday 18th March, 2023, this is a time to elect leaders who will manage the affairs of our state in the next four years.

“The Coalition for Christian Youths and Women out of curiosity and patriotism studied the antecedents of all the governorship candidates with a view to selecting who is the best for Adamawa State.

“We also have good reasons to study closely the performances of the government of the day and the Coalition is glad to have noticed the giant strides made by Governor Ahmadu Umaru Fintiri’s administration in the state.

“It is no doubt that the revolution in the health sector of the state occasioned by the complete overhaul of the sector is fascinating. Cottage hospitals across the twenty one (21) local government have emerged in the state while the General Hospitals is now up to standard

“Also, within the four years of governor Fintiri adminstration, the educational sector of the state has also witnessed a remarkable surge of attention. The schools have new and well equipped classroom blocks as well as engagement of teachers to man the schools. The Adamawa state students have been saved the stress of having source of funds to pay school and examination fees.

“The group also noticed with pride that all our government workers and retirees have had their entitlements as at when due. Civil servants with no exception have religiously been paid their monthly wages between the 23th and 25th of every month.

“We have also seen a great harmony existing among the religious and ethnic groups in the state. No religious or ethnic bloc complains of marginalisation. Both Christians and Muslims in the state can boast of being carried along in the scheme of things in the state. Appointments and opportunities are evenly shared in the state.

“The farmers and herdsmen clashes in the state have been a thing of past. Today we have unprecedented level of security in the state. The list of the achievements of this administration is indeed inexhaustible.

“The Coalition Christian Youths and Women formally adopt his Excellency governor Fintiri as our sole candidate for March 18th, 2023 Governorship election in the state.

“While we are not discouraging other persons from furthering their aspirations, we strongly advised them to shelve their ambitions till 2027, when Governor Fintiri would have completed his tenure.

“We admonish all youths and women of Adamawa State irrespective of religious, denominational, ethnic and political affiliations to not only step out to poll their votes for Governor Fintiri of the People’s Democratic Party but also massively mobilise votes for the governor.

“Adamawa State must continue to enjoy the growth and development at least in the next four years.”


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