This cantankerous and erratic woman has no business in leadership


By Samuel Jackson

How Sen. Aishatu Dahiru Binani became the guvernorship candidate of a major political party beats my imagination considering her moody, cantankerous and erratic demeanor.

Women all over the world are known to be measured, calculative self restraining and well mannered who hardly pick up quarrels with others on flimsy grounds.

These acclaimed attributes seem to be outside the lexicon of Adamawa APC candidate who instead of becoming a rallying point and progenitor of peace and harmony in the party, has rather become the albatross and C-In-C of trouble formulation of the party.

Since the coming of APC into the realm of leadership in Adamawa State, the party never had it so bad until Binani becomes the party’s flagbearer. The woman who has been behaving like a drunken sailor is a danger even to herself. It will be the height of recklessness for Adamawa State to elect a woman with such erratic mindset as its leader.

Information available indicated that since she became the guvernorship candidate, Sen Aishatu Dahiru Binani has arrogated to herself a sense of self worth archetypal to an emperor in the stone age.

Unfortunately she forgot that we are operating in a democratic entity in the 21 century where people will never surrender to the whims of mere mortal potentates who believed that with power and I’ll gotten money, they will assume the position of demi Gods.

Her challenge with a number of party executives stems from the disagreements she had with them when they attempted to impeach her surrogate chairman of the party Ibrahim Bilal who ran the party as if it was his personal fiefdom.

Since he became the chairman of the party, Bilal had ran the party like his personal estate with blithe regards to party’s statutes and regulations. When the exco of the party became fed up with his bad leadership they took it upon themselves to do the needful and showed him the way out.

But in her avowed stance to protect her godson, Binani did all within her powers to stop a moving juggernaut but ended up in a disaster as both of them were consumed by the raging and imminent tsunami of pent up anger that has built over the years on account of Bilal maladministration.

Since that singular incident, Binani distanced herself from the party and worked against every interest of the party. The attitude becomes even more pronounced after she became the substantive flagbearer of the party following the withdrawal of the lawsuit instituted against her election by Malam Nuhu Ribadu.

But instead of her to recognized the gallant display of goodwill the party extended to her and Ribadu in particular, she became incorrigibly more intolerant and belligerent to real and percieved enemies. Such level of intolerance ended up alleniating her from large creame of party faithfuls in the state.

Instead of her to make a detour in the interest of peace and for the sake of her ambition, her animosity only grew disproportionately inordinate as he waged a war against very critical party men whom she percieved as enemies.

She was responsible for the contrived gales of aborted suspensions of party chieftains and executives currently rocking the party. As if that is not enough, she was also alleged to be the brain behind the suspension of the current Secretary to the Federal Government of the federation Boss Mustapha.

The question dogging the minds of many citizens is that can someone with an erratic mindset be trusted to hold such sensitive and important office? Definitely the answer is a big no.

Jackson writes from Hong local government.


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