A popular Hausa adage puts it that “gaskiya dokin karfe ce” meaning that truth is enduring and no matter how long it takes, it surely prevails. Those who stand on the path of truth have nothing to fear or loose. It is only those who thread the path of falsehood that are scared of being questioned. Confidence lies with he/she who holds and stand on justice, truth and nobility.

    The beauty of democracy is a transparent, credible and fair election. These elections are subjected to electoral laws and guidelines which provides the processes of how it should be conducted. A deficiency, deviation or manipulation of any type to these established laws can be likened to broad day robbery and a threat to democracy because the will of the masses would have been trampled upon.

    True power resides with the people. Engr. Aishatu Dahiru Ahmed Binani represents the people, she is an embodiment of great charisma and an aggressive goal getter that sees to the yearnings and aspirations of the people. She is a leader with the people at heart.

    Binani is a household name in Adamawa. Her trajectory as a member of the house of representative, senator and her emergence as the APC Gubernatorial Candidate undoubtedly speaks volume of her wide acceptance, which was proven by the massive turn out in her campaigns and the hundreds of thousands of votes she got at the general election.

    How then will someone who claims his votes are legitimate and genuine refuse to accept or question the call for a review? Is there something under the carpet? Is he trying to hide something away from us? It can be likened to a student who feels dissatisfied applying for remarking of his examination papers, does a student who already got a genuine grade A need to fear something because Mr. B applied for remarking?

    It is laughable to see the candidate of the peoples Democratic Party, who on national TV said he has an advantage of 31 thousand plus votes ahead of Senator Binani, refusing and advocating against review of the election results.

    If he has the balls and guts to say such on National Television, why can’t he accept a review, even if it is across the state? The people of Adamawa have undoubtedly signaled a foul play. How can one who claimed that he won the election be afraid of a review of the results?

    There are clear cases and evidences of over voting (where the total votes cast exceeds the number of accredited votes), bye- passing and non usage of the BVAS Machine and in some cases falsification of election sheets (EC 8A) after it has been signed by party agents at the unit level.

    In some areas, results of the state assembly elections were wrongly uploaded on the iRev Portal of the Governor.

    We have observed that most of the LGAs where this violation of election rules and guidelines took place are the same places where the outgoing incumbent got his bulk votes (fraud bulk votes). Could it be that it is the reason he is afraid of a review? how can one who claimed to have won legitimate votes be running from pillar to post and helter skelter trying hard to grab a leg on his side? Does the truth need to fear anything?

    Aishatu Dahiru Ahmed Binani is a true Democrat, we have confidence and we believe in the electoral umpire and laws of the land to be able to provide justice and fairness to all parties.

    Senator Binani has nothing to fear thus demanding for a review. We must as patriots be able to give sanity to our institutions upon which the development and prosperity of our society lies. We cannot thrive on lies, injustice and manipulation.

    Senator Binani has opined in different fora that she will accept the outcome of this review wherever it tilts. The question still remains; why is Fintiri afraid of a review? What is he trying to hide? Is his hands not clean? Are his votes legitimate?

    Iliyasu Dadiri writes from Dadiri,
    Ganye LGA


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