Fintiri’s supporters vow to occupy INEC till it gives him victory certificate

Supporters of governor Ahmadu Umaru Fintiri have vowed to occupy the state headquarters of the Independent National Electoral Commission (INEC), till it gives the governor his deserved victory certificate.

Making the vow during a rally in support of the governor’s second term bid organized by 75 support groups in Yola Wednesday, leader of the support groups, Abdurrahman Bobbo said the citizens will wholeheartedly defend the mandate they freely gave to governor Ahmadu Umaru Fintiri despite the antics of anti democratic elements who want to hijack the will of the people.

“Adamawa citizens will never allow the mandate they gave Fintiri to be stolen. The citizens will occupy INEC headquarters from Saturday till the electoral umpire gives governor Ahmadu Umaru Fintiri victory certificate,” he said.

While reiterating the resolve of the people to ensure the right thing is done, Bobboi said the people’s spiritedness will prevail over the wishes of those who got directives from above to desecrate and undermine the electoral process and the freewill of the people.

He noted that it will be impossible for PDP to lose the guvernorship election considering the over 31,000 votes margin between it and APC especially considering that the polling units where election will take place have only 42,000 votes.

Bobboi added that Adamawa State is a natural turf of the PDP that is why it trounced APC in all the polls adding that it is glaring that PDP will win the supplementary polls.

“PDP has two out of the three senators elect, it has seven out of the eight house of representatives members elect. It also has 15 out of the 25 house of assembly members elect. It will therefore be inconceivable for the party to lose the guvernorship election.

“Adamawa citizens are completely behind the governor. All we are demanding is free, fair and transparent electoral process which will assert our victory on Saturday. We will present our demands to INEC and we will also present this demand to the governor,” Bobboi said.

Responding to the groups, Awwal D. Tukur who stood in for the governor thanked them for their doggedness to defend democracy.

Tukur who is Fintiri’s guvernorship campaign DG said God’s willing PDP will continue to rule Adamawa State because it has been serving the people well.

He noted that God did not allow PDP to lose Adamawa State because it is a just and fair party which has served the state to the best of its ability. He assured the people that despite the antics of undemocratic forces, PDP will still emerge victorious in the next supplementary election adding that all the people are yearning for is free and fair process.

It may be recalled that INEC has declared the March 18 Gubernatorial election in the state inconclusive because the number of votes in the cancelled polling units can change the outcome of the polls.


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