Al-Makura: Set for higher service


By Mu’azu Abari

No condition is permanent, the only constant thing in life is change. When it comes as it will, no force or mortal on earth can stop it. When God wants to reward his anointed who has done a lot for his people and prepare him for higher and greater responsibilities, he sometimes bring obstacles in form of disappointments his way just to test his faith and belief before placing where he deserves or wants him to be.

This is exactly the case of Senator Umaru Tanko Al-Makura, the architect of modern Nasarawa state, in the just concluded National Assembly election, even though the result of the election which was believed to have been rigged is being challenged in the tribunal to set the record straight and deepen the country’s democracy.

Small minds and ethnic bigots who see Al-Makura’s temporary loss as a great political setback to him and his political standing in Nasarawa politics are on the wrong side of history, living in a fool’s paradise. Al-Makura is not a loser, he is only on a new political journey to fulfil one of God’s plans for him which will further bring him into reckoning and national fame.

As the saying goes “For the victory of evil over good can only be temporary’. Those who mean well for their people and keep justifying the confidence reposed in them when entrusted with public responsibilities and submit their affairs to God will not be put to shame. Instead, they will continue to soar higher, triumph over their detractors, laugh last as there will be light for them at the end of the tunnel. After all, it is said, he who laughs last laughs best.

Al-Makura is God gift and project to Nasarawa whose light cannot be dimmed let alone quench in Nasarawa politics. His light will continue to shine in the politics of the state. History will be kind to him and have a special place for him in the politics and governance of the state. Consequently, those waiting or praying to see his downfall will wait till eternity without seeing his back until they return to their creator as he keeps soaring higher to their disappointment.

For ethnic champions in Nasarawa south particularly from my beloved Alago nation and their blind followers rest assured that your laughter will be shortlived. Your understanding of politics is not beyond the confine of ethnicity as you celebrate Al-Makura’s re-election loss in what most political analysts describe as “ethnic solidarity”. This is in spite if all he has done for the state and the Alago nation in particular as governor and as senator.

Al-Makura will soon take up bigger and higher responsibility in the soon to be inaugurated APC led federal government of Bola Ahmed Tinubu while he will reclaim his stolen mandate even though he will give up the seat to continue with his new responsibility to assist the government he supported to victory to succeed and live up to the expectations of Nigerians.

Those who failed to learn from the lessons of history are bound to be doomed, which means that, no ethnic group or tribe in Nasarawa state, no matter its so-called numerical strength, can do it alone. We all need each other to move forward as a state. The ethnic politics imported to us by some retrogressive elements who have nothing to show in public offices for years will only take Alago nation to the path of self destruction.

It has continued to fail the Eggon nation and other ethnic groups in Nasarawa since 1999 in their quest to govern the state. We must be accommodating, fair and just to other ethnic groups in the zone just as they have also been fair to us by supporting us to occupy the senatorial seat of the zone for 16 out of 23 years of our return to democracy in 1999.

Al-Makura’s re-election loss is more of a blessing in disguise rather than a political summersault as believed by his detractors because even if INEC declared him winner of that election in a matter of few months he will heed the national call by relinquishing the seat to take up a ministerial appointment in the Tinubu government, especially now when big brains like him are needed to reset the country.

Hate or like him, you cannot wish away his unprecedented legacies, footprints and intimidating record of achievements that turned Nasarawa state into a model of good governance and infrastructural development in Nigeria and made him indisputably the best performing governor the state ever produced since its creation.

This intimidating records of achievements in politics and governance of the state that stand him out will continue to speak for him and remain a reference point not only in the present but also for the coming generation.

Despite this temporary set back, Al-Makura can walk with his shoulders high and today remains a happy and fulfilled man. God did not put him to shame as all his efforts, sacrifices and investments towards Tinubu presidency which even caused him the exalted seat of APC national chairman are not in vain.

Within the four years he served as a senator just like his tenure as governor, the people of Nasarawa south benefitted from his effective representation as he impacted the lives of his people positively in all sectors, including skills acquisition, empowerment, among others.

Abari writes from Lafia, Nasarawa state via


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