Disciplinary action: I’ll never be cowed by your intimidation, Uba dares Comrade Mustapha


~Says I’m not Malam Nuhu Ribadu’s boy

An Adamawa APC stalwart, Alhaji Uba Danarewa has dared the party’s northeast national vice chairman, Comrade Mustapha Salihu to go ahead with his threats of disciplinary action against him adding that he is too old and sophisticated to be cowed by such blatant and unwarranted threats against his person.

Danarewa came under tremendous censorship in APC over a viral audio in which he made some very “disturbing” comments about the person of the vice president elect, Kashim Shattima.

In the audio, Danarewa has asked the president-elect to be wary of his vice because of his propensity for doublespeak citing the case of Adamawa guvernorship election as a case study.

In response, to the “tendentious” and “incendiary” statement, Comrade Mustapha vowed to constitute a five-man committee to carry out a full inquest into the alleged badmouthing of the vice president elect by Danarewa.

Mustapha noted that such baseless statement constitute a serious embarrassment and a threat to the continued peace and harmony in the party and may cause the party to implode.

But responding to the threats of disciplinary action against him by Comrade Mustapha Salihu, Danarewa said he remained unfazed and ready to defend his position at any point in time accusing the APC north east national vice chairman of persecuting him because of his Hausa/Fulani ethnic identity.

He noted that it is preposterous for Mustapha to mellow so low as to ask Malam Nuhu Ribadu whether he was the one who commissioned him to make such statement adding that he made the statement in his capacity as a full blown APC member who has worked tirelessly for the success of the party since 2014 even before Mustapha came into the party.

“I heard what the north east vice chairman of the party said in response to my views. I’m happy that he is conducting the investigation.

“I’m making this statement as a member APC who came to the party in 2014 and has paid his dues even before Mustapha came into the party and was assisted by his tribesman, the former SGF Babachir to become the northeast national vice chairman of the party.

“At my age, my exposure and sophistication, I see it as an insult for anyone to think I cannot ventilate my personal opinion without been prodded by someone to do so. I want to categorically say I’m responsible for my own views and they remain sacrosanct.

“I want to say that it is trite for Mustapha who is by far my younger brother to insinuate that I’m Nuhu Ribadu’s boy. I take exception to that humiliating label. I want to tell him that I’m not Ribadu’s boy because when I met Ribadu I was already a self made personality. I only supported Ribadu because of his track record of discipline and accomplishments knowing that if he govern Adamawa, he will replicate what he did at EFCC and will position Adamawa State on the global map.

“What I said in the audio is that there were speculations about the vice president elect and since it was a mere speculation, I had expected that the vice president elect will just clear the air and set the record straight. And it is within my rights to ventilate my views in a democratic setting.

“But I’m surprised that despite the fact that my views were subtle and not extreme like the views expressed by Babachir and Senator Elisha Abbo who came out openly to insult the person of the president elect and Shettima, Comrade Mustapha is now raising an issue against me.

“Both Babachir and Abbo have excoriated the president elect and his vice to no avail but nothing was done to them. In fact Abbo went to the extent of calling the vice president elect a Boko Haram sympathizer but Comrade Mustapha did not deem it fit to punish either of them for such gross misconduct.

“Both Babachir and Abbo hold very important positions in our party as Babachir was a former SGF while Abbo was a senator under the APC but none was punished over their renegade and uncultured stance against Tinubu and Shettima.

“I must say it is repugnant for Mustapha to descend so low and to try to set me up for just airing an insinuation in the party. I want to state that based on my commitment and doggedness to ensure the success of the party, I’m more popular than Comrade Mustapha in APC.

“I’m waiting for the committee and will readily defend myself despite the glaring fact that Comrade Mustapha is baying for my head because of my ethnic identity. I’m anxious to face the committee,” he said.


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