Why The disgruntled Jimeta PDP Stakeholders Are After SSG

Why The disgruntled Jimeta PDP Stakeholders Are After SSG

The Secretary to Adamawa State Government (SSG), Malam Bashiru Ahmad has become a shining star and topic of hate discussion among the desperate hungry politicians. These people are bent to tarnish his humble reputation in the eyes of the good people of Adamawa. That is why they spend significant man hour to conjure up blatant lies and half truths against the SSG with a purpose of besmirching his hard earned image.

One wonders why the so-called Jimeta PDP critical stakeholders are after Bashiru Ahmad. This is the big question that people ask and that informed this write-up so as to explain to the general public the narratives surrounding the ill motives of these ravenous set of politicians who have since fallen by the wayside as they have totally lost grip and traction of the politics of Jimeta.

From their rash and imperious actions, one could understand that these are bunch of unlettered nincompoops who do not have the capacity to understand that their odious actions will only lead them into political perdition. That is why their evil plans has fallen like a badly arranged pack of cards.

Do critical stakeholders have a place in the Constitution of a political party? talk less of forming a forum to dismiss a legitimate hardworking party member? This is what in the first place, the so-called Jimeta PDP critical stakeholders have lost. They lack the constitutional powers to sack the SSG who has never been into their forum.

No doubt, the ghost stakeholders met at Hamab Motors instead of a party office as this was the same place where they held meeting with the candidate of All Progressives Congress (APC) and her husband on the 16th of March 2023 at 11pm where they sealed a deal to work against Governor Ahmadu Umaru Fintiri and People’s Democratic Party (PDP) during the governorship elections.

At that said meeting, they collected foreign currencies in cash and part of which they gave the driver that conveyed them to the meeting one hundred dollars. With this then who are the real enemies of our great party? To cover their shame in disguise, not knowing that it was already an open-secret, they decided to come out through the back door to dent the image of our amiable SSG with all manners of lies.

To make their campaign of calumny look good, they fabricated an infantile and distatesful lie by trying to vainly rope the SSG with accusation of anti party. They blatantly accused him of secretly supporting the Labour Party (LP) candidate during the presidential election, while during the Governorship and state assembly elections according to them, he worked against Hamidu Lekki by financing the SDP candidate, who SSG never knew and met in person.

The sordid thing with their accusations is that they failed to come out with an ounce of proof to defend their accusations.

To set the record straight, Lekki was the architect of his own misfortune because of his propensity to hearken to the misleading command of the so called critical stakeholders and in so doing neglecting the voters who are the real determinants of who get what on election day.

It was on record that Lekki was buoyed by the touted support of the so called critical stakeholders who told him that with them he has no cause to be afraid to abandon the electorates leading to his dismal outing during the election.

But unknown to the embattled former member the so called critical stakeholders were working for candidates in APC, from where they have collected money. What Lekki failed to understand that Nigerians are so enlightened to the extent that they cannot allow a bunch of tracherous and overambitious politician to trample on them no matter the standing of the Moneybags behind him because in modern days, no one is a slave.

As indigenes of Jimeta, we will never allow the bad elements amongst us to distract the attention of our amiable proud son who has the interest of Jimeta community at heart. I therefore send this warning to the PDP stakeholders to retract their steps else, I will publish their names for the public to know their true colors.

By Ibrahim Ahmad Jimeta


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