Dogara’s kinsmen accuses ex-speaker of inciting communal tension

By Ahmed Ahmed

The former Speaker of the House of Representatives, Yakubu Dogara has been cautioned against unguarded utterances on constituted authorities by his Kingsmen in Bauchi state.

The Kingsmen under the auspices of Zaar Concerned Citizens of Tafawa Balewa and Bogoro LGAs of Bauchi State accused Yakubu Dogara of trying to incite the Sayawa people against themselves.

The group, led by Godfrey Manasseh, Chairman and Jonathan Taimako, Secretary gave the caution at a News conference at the NUJ Press Center on Monday in Bauchi

He said this was in reaction to the ongoing issues in the area arising from the arrest of the traditional ruler of the area, Air Commodore Ishaku Komo and 6 others.

“It is quite uncomfortable and disheartening to see a seasoned man turning around to rain abuses on constituted authorities claiming an holier than thou attitude.

“Just because he has lost relevance in the scheme of things both nationally and in Bauchi State.”

“We, the people of Zaar land he claims to represent and speak for, have never appointed him our spokesman and he can never speak for us, rather, we know he is up to his tricks and is coming for his selfish agenda again,” Manasseh said.

According to him, We have not forgotten the violence he unleashed on us in 2021 during an occasion meant to unite the entire Zaar Nation during the celebration of our esteemed late leader, Baba Gonto.

“The loss of lives, properties, and means of livelihood our people suffered, we are yet to recover from and this is as a result of his inordinate love for power and the need to be worshiped.”

“But given his antecedents, we cannot say we are shocked or surprised, as this has become his stock in trade since the year 2019 when he was made irrelevant both at the federal and state levels politically, socially and morally.” he said.

He explained that the man Dogara claims His Excellency, The Executive Governor of Bauchi State is suppressing our people and has failed to give us what we desire.

“It seems either he has never read the press release emanating from the government or he did not take time to absorb the contents therein rather skimmed over same and then rushed to publish what he has been harboring in his black heart thinking it an opportunity for him to once again sow his seeds of mayhem and destruction.”

“It is the same Dogara who in the year 2022 while he was the Chairman, APC Stakeholders, issued and caused a statement to be written to His Excellency, The Executive Governor of Bauchi State Senator Bala Mohammed (Kauran Bauchi) that he and the government of Bauchi State stay away from the issue of Sayawa Chiefdom and appointment of Gung Zaar.

“This is the same person now blaming the government for not doing the needful when he has forbidden it from acting as it should.”

“Dogara has stated that the Zaar Chiefdom will come from God one day. We then wonder why he blames his kinsmen in government and Governor Bala. Are the aforementioned persons stronger than God? If this God is the one we all know of in Zaar land, he has enjoined us in his holy book to respect constituted authorities,” The group stressed.

It asked,”Why can’t the retired Hon. Dogara respected the government of the day the way all respected him whilst he held sway at the national assembly?”

“The same Hon. Dogara is the one whom in 2015, at Watal Hotel, promised us the actualization of Zaar Chiefdom, relocation of Tafawa Balewa Local Government Area, Headquarters back to Tafawa Balewa, economic empowerment and reopening of GGSS Tafawa Balewa. We are happy he has admitted that only the Governor and House of Assembly can do the above,” it stressed.

It added that,”The question then, is, why has he been fighting all previous Governors who have attempted to ensure that the Chiefdom comes to fruition if not for his anti Gung Zaar stance and selfish interest. He wants to appoint the Gung Zaar and have him as his own personal stooge.”

“In fact, we, the people, are thankful to him for opening our eyes and making us realize the kind of person he is. Our people are wiser now and will never allow retired Hon. Dogara to instigate us to violence for his own selfish gains,” The group stated.

They stated that,”It is on record that numerous governments have failed to act on the recommendations of the Babalakin and Late Justice Bala Umar commissions’ reports on the creation of Sayawa Chiefdom. It is only this government that has actually set the machinery in motion to actualize what has been recommended for over thirty (30) years”

“It is also a known fact that our people are of different tribes and leaning and that all due care must be taken in this issue of Sayawa Chiefdom so as not make our brothers and sisters feel they are being marginalized and subjugated or made subjects to a particular Tribe, which will lead to another round of violence,” The group explained.

It then posited that Hon. Dogara cannot deny the numerous pitfalls and holes along the way and only a caring and people oriented government will take its time to ensure that those pitfalls are taken care of and everyone carried along so as to ensure peace which will ultimately lead to the desired development of the people of Zaar land.

It further posited that no constituted Government anywhere will fold its hands and allow certain people to arrogate to themselves the powers to select or elect a leader of a nation without recourse to the necessary laws being enacted and followed.

“The days of self appointment are over and we beg our people to allow the process be played to its logical end as we are sure God willing and by his special grace, Sayawa Chiefdom must come to be,” it stressed.

It added that, “We have to hold ourselves to a high standard and be seen and known as law-abiding people and not hooligans and vagabonds which is what the likes of Dogara will want the world to see us like.”

It alleged that, “He desires violence and mayhem so that he will swoop in with his god complex appearing as a savior when he is the instigator. He has called our elites who desire peace and development of our people.”

According to the group, the people have refused to see him as God of Sayawa land which he sees himself to be and has forgotten that some of them sacrificed their ambition without a second thought to allow him vye for the office he currently occupies and worked tirelessly to ensure he made it there.

They added that he has forgotten his humble beginning and has arrogated to himself, ‘Emperor’ and god of Sayawa land whose will alone must be obeyed, forgetting that no man, woman or entity can arrogate to him or herself the powers of God Almighty.

They also stated that he has forgotten that all powers belong to God alone and having boxed himself into a corner in his arrogance his fall is all but assured stating that, “He is no longer a bird or land animal but has become a bat which has no place either in the realm.”

They stated that, “We had expected him to humble himself and seek forgiveness from God and our people for all the hurt and harm he caused our people but here he is again seeking to instigate another orgy of violence on our people.”

According to the group, “Silence ordinarily would have been the best answer to him but we know in the long run he will place the blame for his actions on our people’s head (God forbid) hence this rejoinder.”

“The law is there and is no respecter of anyone and all who are innocent will be vindicated while the guilty will face the full wrath of the law.

To our esteemed elders and elites who have been at the receiving end of the foul mouth of Retired Hon. Dogara, we pray, you pardon him and pray that God Almighty touches him and let genuine repentance fall on him.”

“To the Government and people of Bauchi State, we ask you to see his ranting as that of a desperate drowning man who will clutch at anything, even a knife to keep himself afloat and not drown,” it pleaded.


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