Speakership: New reps member elect, Dr. Midala Balami predicts Betara’s victory

The newly elected house of representatives member representing Askira Uba/ Hawul federal constituency, Dr. Midala Balami has predicted a total and comprehensive victory of Rt. Hon Mukhtari Aliyu Betara as the speaker of the 10th assembly.

He noted that the election of Batara as the speaker of the 10th assembly is sacrosanct considering the massive support and goodwill he commanded from both the newly elected and ranking members of the house of representatives.

Balami who was elected on the crest of PDP made the prediction on the sidelines of the 76 general church council (GCC) Majalisa 2023 of the Eklisiyar Yan Uwa a Nigerian (EYN) where he and four others were honoured over their electoral victory, stated that no fewer than 200 newly elected members have made up their minds to elect Betara as the next speaker of house of representatives.

“Without hedging or the fear of contradiction, I stand here today to reveal to you that God’s willing, Betara is our next speaker. I’m telling you for a fact that no one stands a chance against Betara as far as election is concerned.

“Betara is a broad-minded, down to earth and the most cosmopolitan and progressive ranking member in the house of representatives. If election is a game of numbers, then the victory of Betara is a concluded issue because he enjoyed a cult like followerhip by both the new members elect and the ranking members.

“He is also a rallying force, a bridge builder, and the most reliable pillar upon which the unity and stability of the house rest. He is one man whose primary concern is the unity and development of Nigeria. He treats people fairly and with dignity without recourse to their class, creed or social status. He is the most detribalised and urbane leader in the house. That is why he is the candidate to beat in the next election,” he said.

Balami who excoriated the ruling party for zoning the speakership position noted that the posture of the ruling party to exclude many from joining the race is anti-democratic urging the party to recant the undemocratic stance or has itself to blame.

“As a PDP member I’m not party to the zoning arrangement of the APC it is their own party affair. But form a broader perspective, I want to say as an independent legislature, that action does not resonate with me and when I consulted with my people, they unanimously rejected the approach.

“That kind of approach is a wrong approach for democracy. To deepen our democracy, we require an independent legislature. And the legislature can only be independent when it is allowed to elect a leadership that will pilot its affairs without interference. Today, I have an opportunity to particularly endorse Hon. Mukhtari Aliyu Betara for the speaker of the 10th assembly 2023.

“By the grace of God we will be there and we are going to vote for him because he has the skills, he has the experience, he has the capacity and competence to not only pilot the affairs of the legislature but also to carry other Nigerians along.

“We are at a cross road in Nigeria, this calls for efficient and effective leadership that will work for the unity and progress of Nigeria. That is why we will vote Betara,” he said.


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