Hamman urges Tinubu to reappoint Muhammad Musa Bello as minister

Musa Mohammed Bello
Musa Mohammed Bello

Hamman urges Tinubu to reappoint Musa Bello as minister

An All Progressives Congress (APC) stalwart and Senatorial candidate in the recently concluded 2023 elections in Adamawa State, Ahmadu Hamman Nasara has called on President Bola Ahmad Tinubu to appoint individuals of impeccable character, patriotism, and competence to his cabinet.

Specifically, he recommended the reappointment of former Minister of the Federal Capital Territory (FCT), Muhammad Musa Bello.

In an interview in Yola, Hamman, who holds the traditional title of Dan-Majen Adamawa, emphasized the importance of selecting capable individuals for the country’s future.

He praised Muhammad Musa Bello, citing his exemplary tenure as FCT Minister during President Buhari’s administration. Hamman urged President Tinubu to consider reappointing Bello, as he believes that such individuals are crucial for moving the country forward. Bello’s record speaks for itself, with his adherence to the FCT Abuja master plan and commitment to maintaining the city’s infrastructure without compromise or favoritism.

The Dan-Majen Adamawa expressed pride in Muhammad Musa Bello, noting that he was the only Adamawa state nominee in President Buhari’s administration who left office without any allegations of corruption or misconduct.

Hamman commended Bello for his unwavering dedication to preserving the FCT Abuja master plan, which led to significant infrastructural development and the beautification of the nation’s capital.

Given Bello’s impeccable track record and ability to deliver results, Hamman appealed to President Tinubu to grant him another opportunity to serve the country with the same passion and humility he had displayed in the past.

“Muhammad Musa Bello’s tenure as Minister of the FCT was characterized by his unwavering commitment to upholding the master plan of Abuja, Nigeria’s capital city.

“This dedication ensured that the city’s development followed a structured and sustainable approach, promoting urban aesthetics and functionality.

“Bello’s refusal to compromise or indulge in favoritism garnered praise from various quarters, including the citizens and anti-corruption agencies.

“His adherence to ethical standards and transparent governance set a benchmark for other public officials to emulate,” Hamman said.

Recognizing these achievements, the APC stalwart called on President Tinubu to consider Bello’s reappointment, as his expertise and integrity are vital for driving the nation’s progress.

“The significance of Muhammad Musa Bello’s accomplishments cannot be overstated. Under his leadership as FCT Minister, Abuja witnessed remarkable growth and development.

“His strict adherence to the master plan ensured that infrastructure projects were executed in accordance with established guidelines, resulting in a city that boasts both functionality and aesthetic appeal.

“Bello’s refusal to yield to pressure or compromise on quality demonstrated his unwavering commitment to serving the nation’s interests above personal gain. His tenure also served as a paradigm shift in public governance, proving that it is indeed possible to achieve transparent and efficient administration,” he added.

To sustain the positive momentum and build upon the foundation laid during President Buhari’s era, Hamman appealed to President Tinubu to reappoint Bello, highlighting the urgent need for capable and principled individuals to steer the country forward.

“President Asiwaju Bola Tinubu has an opportunity to make a lasting impact on Nigeria’s future by carefully selecting his cabinet members. As urged by Senator Ahmadu Hamman, Muhammad Musa Bello is an ideal candidate for reappointment due to his outstanding performance as FCT Minister,” he added.


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