Quick response: Adamawa state police command introduces emergency hotlines

Gov Ahmadu Umaru Fintiri
Gov Ahmadu Umaru Fintiri

Quick response: Adamawa State police command introduces emergency hotlines

In a bid to fulfill its constitutional responsibility of maintaining a safe and secure environment, the Adamawa State Police Command has taken a proactive step by approving a set of emergency hotlines Quick response, http://Fact-checknews.com can reveal.

These hotlines will enable citizens to report any suspicious activities or acts of violence that may threaten public peace and disrupt the harmony of the community.

By implementing this strategy, the police aim to swiftly respond to distress calls and effectively deal with individuals or groups planning to cause unrest.

“We urge the public to familiarize themselves with the provided hotline numbers and report any security breaches in their vicinity,” the command’s PRO SP Sulaiman Nguroje said.

He noted that the Adamawa State Police Command is committed to upholding its mandate of protecting lives and property within the state. As part of its efforts to ensure a conducive and safe environment for all residents, the command has introduced a standardized operational procedure that includes emergency hotlines for seamless response to distress calls.

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“With the increasing challenges of maintaining law and order in today’s society, it is crucial for law enforcement agencies to leverage modern technology and communication channels to enhance their effectiveness.

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“Recognizing this need, the Adamawa State Police Command has established a list of hotlines to enable citizens to report any suspicious activities, acts of violence, or security breaches promptly.

“The introduction of these emergency hotlines signifies the command’s commitment to improving its response time and ensuring that citizens feel safe and protected within their communities.

“By encouraging members of the public to actively participate in maintaining public peace, the police command aims to foster a sense of collective responsibility and strengthen the bond between the community and law enforcement,” he added.

He urged the general public to report any security breach or suspicious activity in their neighborhood, through the following hotline numbers, 090775979100, 90679870090, 90637484110 and 90114503986.

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“These hotline numbers have been carefully selected and established to facilitate quick and efficient communication between citizens and law enforcement personnel.

“The command urges residents of Adamawa State to save these numbers in their contacts and reach out whenever they witness any potential threats to public safety.

“By dialing these hotlines, citizens can play an active role in crime prevention and help maintain peace and order in their communities. Whether it’s a case of theft, assault, vandalism, or any other criminal activity, reporting it promptly can significantly aid the police in their investigations and ensure that appropriate actions are taken to address the situation,” he added.

The Command assures the public that all information provided through these hotlines will be treated with the utmost confidentiality.

“It is crucial for citizens to provide accurate and detailed information to assist law enforcement in their efforts. Additionally, citizens are encouraged to remain calm and composed while reporting incidents, providing clear and concise descriptions of the events or individuals involved.

“The implementation of these emergency hotlines is part of the police command’s comprehensive strategy to maintain peace and security in Adamawa State.

“By promptly responding to distress calls and swiftly apprehending miscreants or groups planning to disrupt public peace, the command aims to create an environment where citizens can thrive without fear.

“The success of these hotlines relies heavily on public awareness and participation. It is vital for community members to take ownership of their safety and contribute to the overall security of the state. By actively reporting any suspicious activities or potential threats, citizens can work hand in hand with law enforcement agencies to prevent criminal incidents and maintain a peaceful coexistence,” he added.

He added that “the command also acknowledged the importance of technology in modern policing. In addition to the emergency hotline numbers, the command is exploring other innovative solutions to enhance communication and response capabilities. This includes leveraging social media platforms, mobile applications, and online reporting systems to provide citizens with convenient channels to report incidents.”


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