Gangwari Ganye commends GESOL over plans to regreen Adamawa

Some of GESOL activities in pictures
Some of GESOL activities in pictures

Gangwari Ganye commends GESOL over plans to regreen Adamawa

…GESOL, The trees are mainly economic fruit trees like Oranges, Mangoes, Guava, Tangerines, cashews and blackcurrants. We’ll also supply seedlings like Mahogany, Neem, Eucalyptus, Yellow Cassia, Manila, Durumi and others…

… A Greener, cleaner environment and a better-educated cohort of children who are hopefully economically empowered…

…We did a pilot project in Maiha LGA, covering the entire 78 Schools in 2021…

…Our phase 1 Schools Tree Planting activity was held from May to July, 2022…

…Over 500 trees were planted during the 2022 community tree planting at Wuro-Ladde in Adamawa state with a view to minimize the impact of windstorm and erosion…


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The growing lamentations are that the entire environment, global over, is getting hotter by the day, there’s the fear of famine owing to drought and the threats posed by gully erosion and desertification due to the indiscriminate felling of trees used for fuel wood and charcoal to replace kerosene and gas for heating and cooking as cheaper alternative. GESOL would ask, how cheaper?

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In spite of the alarming listed causes, it however, for the most part, ends up in mere lamentation lacking meaningful action aimed at addressing the lives threatening challenges.

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There have been tree planting campaigns hosted by governments. It however, for the most part, ended up in mere demonstrations of tree planting accompanied by pretended applause without monitoring and supervision to ensure that seedlings and seeds planted were nurtured to growing trees.

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Established about five years ago, Green Environmental Solutions, GESOL, a nongovernmental organisation with the Motto: “Plant, Educate, And Empower” – explained as plant trees in schools, educate pupils and students on how to plant and maintain trees and acquire agricultural knowledge in general and eventually financially empower the children as pupils and students with the proceeds of the economic trees planted – is with the mission to plant trees in schools for teaching and learning to be conducive, on farmlands against desertification and at home for shelter and as economic empowerment.

A patriotic Adamawa indigene in Diaspora, Dr Ibrahim Muhammad Dodo, is the founder of GESOL, speaking with the Periscope Global in his Canada residence, he explained that GESOL has the mission to regreen not only Adamawa as a state, Nigeria as a country but Africa as a continent.

“Green Environmental Solutions, GESOL, is a group of like minded people committed to encouraging and supporting children and communities plant trees to help mitigate the negative effects of climate change and provide a potential source of income to families in African communities.

“The mission is to support children to plant as many trees as possible every year, to mitigate the harsh realities of climate change and, in the process, give children hope out of extreme poverty.

“Suffices to say that GESOL is committed to regreening communities as part of many efforts in combating climate change.

“We as a GESOL engage, encourage, educate and support children to plant trees in their schools and communities. The children are also provided with seeds and seedlings to plant and own economic trees. Over time the plant will bear fruits, which will provide nutrition and potential income to the children and the family.

“We also encourage and support vulnerable communities to plant trees to prevent the adverse effects of climate change such as floods, wind storms and desertification.

The Monarch of the Ganye Chiefdom, Gangwari Ganye, His Royal Highness Alhaji Umar Adamu Sanda and the Chairman, Ganye local government authority, Hon. Jibrin Ali Gangjari have jointly commended GESOL for the efforts at regreening Adamawa state during the flag off of the 2023, tagged Phase 2 tree planting in the schools, farms and house across the 21 local government areas of the state.

The duo having discouraged indiscriminate felling of trees without replacement by planting more, assured of ensuring that the GESOL initiative as a social responsibility, is well received in the state.

The representative of the GESOL country coordinator explained that the coverage was expanded from 25 to 50 primary schools per local government area. “The programme targeted 1079 primary schools and each school would be given 50 seeds and seedlings to plant and the pupils and students selected across the state were given 300,000 thousands Cashew seeds to plant at home.

The 2022 schools tree-planting project, tagged Phase 1, was held in Adamawa state from May to July, 2022, covering over 600 schools and over 300,000 pupils and students across 21 local government areas.

A pilot project was earlier conducted in Maiha local government area, covering the entire 78 schools in 2021.

The Periscope Global report has it that the flagging off of the tree planting campaign at Musdafa primary school in the Yola ancient city by the then executive secretary, Adamawa State Universal Basic Education Board, ADSUBEB, Dr Salihi Ibrahim Ateequ commended GESOL for the social responsibility that would not only go for the spirit of aforestation, provide green environments across the entire schools in the state but also for economic benefits…

“The Adamawa state government through the state universal basic education has commended the GREEN Environmental Solutions, GESOL, for taking tree planting to the primary schools in Adamawa state…”

On Community Tree-planting Project, over 500 trees were planted during the 2022 community tree planting at Wuro-Ladde in Adamawa state with a view to minimize the impact of windstorm and erosion.


Support Green Environmental Solutions by donating to help fund any of our projects. You can also support any of our programs by sponsoring any number of children to nurture and own a fruit tree.

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