NADCEL: 23rd armoured brigade sensitizes secondary students against drug abuse

Personnel of 23rd brigade command, students and other stakeholders during the sensitization by men of Nigerian Army
Personnel of 23rd brigade command, students and other stakeholders during the sensitization by men of Nigerian Army

NADCEL: 23rd armoured brigade sensitizes secondary students against drug abuse

The 23rd armoured brigade Yola, has today sensitized the students of Lami A Fintiri Government Secondary School barracks road, against drug abuse, internet addiction and the role military plays towards advancing the cause of the civilian populace in its efforts to enhance national security and cohesion as part of activities marking the Nigerian Army Day Celebration (NADCEL).

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In his presentation, the brigade’s education officer, Major Babawale Omifisayo told the students that one of the core duties of the military is the enhancement of civilian military relation by carrying out services that are beneficial to the civilian populace.

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He noted that over the years, the military has distinguished itself in rendering services to communities such as building roads, organizing medical outreaches and providing shelter to people affected by armed conflicts like the victims of Boko Haram insurgency.

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Omifisayo noted that the one day sensitization organized by the brigade is one of such cardinal responsibilities of the Nigerian Army to its immediate community.

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“When civilians are displaced during the war, the military provides shelters in internally displaced camps and ensure they are also adequately protected,” he said.

Omifisayo said the military has provided educational materials and other forms of support to the victims of Boko Haram insurgency in the past and it will continue to assist the civil populace in many other areas.

He urged the students to work hard and shun drug abuse and other harmful endeavors that may in the long run affect their future, noting that with hard work, dedication, and commitment, they will overcome all the obstacles facing them and become important members of the society.

Also in his presentation, entitled, “drug abuse and internet addiction”, another resource person, Captain A. S Fariogun urged the students to stay away from drug abuse because of its debilitating consequences on their future adding that it is one sure path to self destruction.

Fariogun said some of the effects of these harmful substances include Psychiatric issues, sicknesses, death et all, adding that one in every four people with mental challenges is a victim of substance and drug abuse adding that research conducted in 2000 disclosed that drug abuse can reduce life span by 8-9 percent.

He noted that substances like tobacco, alcohol, cannabis, sedatives, cocaine and the like have ruined the lives of others and will continue to ruin the lives of anyone who indulged in their consumption.

Fariogun noted that drug and substance abuse is on the increase in Nigeria as a result of peer pressure, glossy and tempting advertisement adding that despite the lure, students should not touch these products and substances with a ten mile pole.

He called on the society especially parents to be vigilant on their children and ensure they do not mingle with bad eggs and to engage on a serious sensitization drive against the menace of drug abuse because of its debilitating effects.

Fariogun noted that people who abused drugs have bad odour, are clumsy and speak slowly and in most cases have vision impairment occasioned with red glossy eyes.

In his presentation on the topic career opportunities and the criteria for selection and enlistment into the Nigerian Army, Sgt. Joel Manu said the army as an entity encompasses all professions noting that people can be in the military and still practice their core professions.

“The Nigerian Army avails you the opportunities to excell in your chosen professions,” he said.

He noted that in the army there are Imams, Pastors, Lawyers, Engineers, doctors and all the known professions in the country adding that being a military personnel is no barrier to attaining one’s preferred profession.

Manu counsels the students to pursue their preferred profession with vigour as it will be an added advantage when they enlist in the army.

He noted that one can either be a commissioned and non commissioned military personnel noting that the commissioned personnel are the ones that entered the army with tertiary qualifications while the non commissioned personnel are soldiers that entered the profession with secondary school certificates.

Also speaking, vice principal ACAD Mrs Esther Kalu thanked the military for organizing such a wonderful sensitization adding that it will go a long way in preparing the young students to avoid any untoward action that will prove detrimental to their future.

She called on the authorities not to relent in organizing similar sensitization in the future because of its benefits to the life of the budding youngsters.

In his vote of thanks, the principal of Lami A Fintiri Government Secondary School barracks road, Mr. Barnabas Jolly thanked the 23rd armoured brigade Yola for the wonderful sensitization.

He urged them to maintain the tempo adding that like Oliver Twist, they will come for more of such beneficial exercises as he said the interaction has changed his perception and that of the students about the military.

He called on the students to redirect their time to useful ventures so that they can become useful members of the society expressing optimism that some of the students will grow to become army generals in the future.


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