Bereavement: Numan 1st class monarchs pay condolence visit on Amna Shani, Amna Shelleng

Numan first class chiefs
Numan first class chiefs
Bereavement: Numan 1st class monarchs pay homage on Amna Shani, Amna Shelleng

In order to strengthen bond of kinship,
His Majesty Hama Bachama, Chairman Bachama Traditional Council Homun Daniel Shaga Ismaila (CON) Kpawo Nomwe, Gilongo Diya in company of three first class Monarchs of Numan Federation have paid solidarity visit on HRH Alhaji Muhamnad Nasir Mailafiya, Emir (Amna) Shani, Shani Emirate Council in Borno State; and HRH Alhaji Dr. Abdullahi Isa Dasong II, Amna Shelleng at Shelleng, Adamawa State to commiserate and to pray with them over recent bereavements in their families.

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The visiting Monarchs led by His Majesty Hama Batta, Homun Alhamdu Gladstone Teneke, MFR, Kpa Ngashe, Diyo Shifoto, Tikulo Batta, also had HRM Kuruhaye Dr. Dishon Dansanda II JP Kwandi Nunguraya Guyuk and HRM Murum Bwaltam Bentley Biyapo Mboiman II, JP, the Murum Mbula of Mbula Chiefdom.

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The Amna Shelleng HRH Alhaji Dr. Abdullahi Isa Dasong had lost his elder brother recently while his neighbor the Emir (Amna) Shani in Borno state lost a palace official, the Ardo Fulani.

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At the palace of Amna Shelleng, the four visiting Kings were received by their host the Amna Shelleng HRH Alhaji Dr. Abdullahi Isa Dasong II, with warm welcome and great joy and the monarch was vividly encouraged and comforted by the Royal visitors.

Spokesperson of the Royal team and Hama Bachama, Homun Daniel Shaga Ismaila CON, Kpawo Nomwe, Gilongo Diya told Amna Shelleng that their visit was purposely to condole him over the loss of his elder brother, and prayed for his soul to rest in peace, and for God’s comfort to the bereaved.

While explaining that death is a necessary end which must be tasted by all the living, the Bachama Monarch implored his colleague to take it as an act of God which men cannot question.

At the palace of the Emir (Amna) Shani in Borno State, the story was not different as the visiting Traditional Rulers were warmly received by their host and colleague HRH Alhaji Muhamnad Nasir Mailafiya the Amna Shani who is mourning the demise of the Ardo Fulani of his emirate

In the same vein, Homun Daniel S. Ismaila (CON), Kpawo Nomwe Gilongo Diya, informed the bereaved Monarch that with the synergy, cordial working relationship and peaceful coexistence they’ve built among their Chiefdoms and Emirates, it is necessary to identify with one another in their seasons of pains and of gains because injury to one of them is injury to all of them.

Homun Daniel S. Ismaila implored the bereaved monarch to take heart and to trust God for comfort as all humans shall, in due season, return to their Maker.

Both Amna Shelleng and Amna Shani had in their responses thanked their colleagues for their strong show of love by identifying with them, and are encouraged that such cordial relationship should continue.

Six of the first class Traditional Rulers in Adamawa State, to include the Hama Bachama, Hama Batta, Kwandi Nunguraya, Murum Mbula, Gangwari Ganye and Amna Shelleng who have their Chiefdoms and Emirates in the Southern zone of the State, have built a good working synergy among themselves and have resolved not only to build bridges of enduring unity among their Chiefdoms and Emirates, but also to jointly work to resolve all inter-Kingdom conflicts within their territorial jurisdictions and even in other States of the Federation.

These paramount monarchs have a long history of coming together to address issues capable of escalating communal tensions and have used traditional approaches to proactively contain simmering crisis on their own in order to lighten the increasing costs and burden that government involvement entails in handling such conflicts.

This is evident in their frequent efforts to bring under control communal clashes and farmer/herder crisis which had hitherto claimed several lives, particularly within the Numan federation.


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