Two excruciating and painful years: Tribute to Abdulmalik Mohammed Mubi

    Abdulmalik Mohammed Mubi.
    Abdulmalik Mohammed Mubi.
    Two excruciating and painful years: Tribute to Abdulmalik Mohammed Mubi

    By Mustapha Atiku Ribadu

    I recall with poignant trepidation, how death, the stealthy, creepy terminator of life took you away from this sinful world to the great beyond exactly two years ago.

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    That fateful, blighted day has remained one of the darkest moments of my eventful life. It is a day I lost a down-to-earth soulmate who has become an integral part of me. Indeed in the death of Abdulmalik Mohammed Mubi, a significant part of me has gone.

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    That perhaps informed why I lacked the courage to accept your transition to the great beyond two years after your rather hasty and impromptu departure.

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    Although death is the inevitable end of every mortal, yours came to me unprepared and till this day I’m penning this tribute, I’m yet to recover from the shock of losing a friend, a confidant, and a truly irreplaceable companion.

    Without mincing words, I will continue to rue your demise with nostalgic feelings which hit me like a thunderbolt and has left me reeling in pains and agony till this day.

    What added to my misery was the fact that no one has envisaged such a hasty transition as you were full of life and kicking before the eerie event leading to your illness and sudden death took place. Indeed I was taken off guard.

    Since your sudden demise, I have tried albeit unsuccessfully to move on with normal life as your taughts have become daily inhibitions that have dogged my life.

    Perhaps the reason for my prolonged misery may be due to the intrinsic fears I harbour which are contingent on the fact that in our contemporary world filled with hypocritical and insincere people, it will be difficult to find even an imitation of your replica.

    As attested by all those who crossed your path, your humility, simplicity, trustworthiness, honesty, sincerity, faith, are unique and indistinguishable character traits which made you to occupy a unique class amongst friends and associates.

    Indeed you’re a man whose nimble touch can heal the world; a man whose sincerity can quell a raging inferno and whose humility can bring an everlasting peace.

    You are one man who is at ease with himself and at ease with other creations; and has served as a beacon of hope, a personification of humility, a carrier of justice and an embodiment of honesty. That is why you are loved while alive and revered even in death.

    You’re amongst the few rare and privileged people whom Allah has bestowed with unique spiritedness, humility and perseverance. Although we grew together since childhood, I have never encountered a situation where you fought or quarrel with even those who deliberately look for your trouble even though sometimes as friends, we agree to disagree.

    But in the last ten years of our lives, our relationship even grew stronger as we must either meet physically or at worst communicate on daily basis no matter the busy nature of our individual engagements.

    Because of our closeness, I never knew that we are not even friends on Facebook and other social media outlets untill your death. That simple knowledge gave me the hint that at a time when friends communicate in the virtual realm, we communicate physically. That made me realize the extent of my relationship with you.

    I remember being your best man during your marriage which took place on June 1, 2013. And even though you are was my big brother, you nevertheless assigned me to carry such a huge responsibly.

    Abdulmalik Muhammadu Mubi, was born in February 1978 and was the ninth out of the ten children of his parents. With the exception of Mubi, all his brothers are alive.

    Abdulmalik Mohammed Mubi attended command primary school Jimeta, and proceeded to General Murtala Muhammad College (GMMC) Yola.

    He then proceeded to university of Maiduguri, and ABU Zaria for his pre and postgraduate studies.

    May the gentle soul of Abdulmalik Mohammed Mubi continue to rest in peace. Adieu my friend.

    Ribadu is the organizing secretary of All Progressives Congress (APC) in Adamawa State.


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