Calling Fintiri names wont change Atiku’s fatal political destiny

    Atiku, Fintiri.
    Atiku, Fintiri.
    Calling Fintiri names wont change Atiku’s fatal political masturbation

    By Umar Bello Jada

    I saw one disingenuous article full of emotions, invectives, falsehoods and fury directed at Governor Ahmadu Umaru Fintiri by an apologist of former vice president Atiku Abubakar, one Victor Moses who ostensibly tried in vain to heap Atiku’s electoral misfortunes on the amiable governor of Adamawa State.

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    The reason for such umbrage and verbal diarrhea follows an innocuous, bold and spirited action of governor Fintiri to congratulate former governor of Rivers State, Nyesom Wike over his appointment and swearing-in as the minister of Federal Capital Territory, by president Bola Ahmed Tinubu last Monday.

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    As a friend and political ally, governor Fintiri did not mince words in extending heartfelt support and camaraderie to a friend for attaining another milestone in his political trajectory. But surprisingly, that spectacular show of political maturity and goodwill only earned the governor lurid, coarse and salacious rebukes albeit from the quarters of a familiar enemy decked in a friendly garb.

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    In his serial failed and unfruitful trials to occupy Nigeria’s most coveted office, Atiku has over the years blamed everyone including INEC, PDP, APC, judiciary, security operatives et all for his electoral misfortunes in his desperation to get undue sympathy from Nigerians.

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    But to accuse Fintiri for his failure to secure the presidential seat is his worst political mishap. It is a sign that in his desperation to get all, Atiku has lost all, including his most ardent and spirited political ally and supporter.

    Such is the height of fatal political masturbation and naivete. In his contemporary political journey, no associate contributed to the ramping of Atiku’s political capital like governor Ahmadu Umaru Fintiri. History is replete with instances of such contributions.

    it is on record before the 2019 and 2023 general elections, Atiku has been losing Adamawa State to his political adversaries but those alarming trends vanished when Fintiri became the PDP governorship candidate who through sheer hard work and unprecedented goodwill wrestled power from the ruling party, APC in 2019.

    Fintiri repeated the same feat in 2023 and gave the state to Atiku. In the build up to the 2023 general election, the hawkish ghouls in Fintiri’s camp have tried to frustrate Fintiri and even worked assiduously to make him lose his re-election bid.

    Some of the hawks in Atiku’s camp including his close allies were notably involved in sublime anti party activities by aligning with APC and other forces inimical to the success of the governor’s second term bid. These dark forces have contrived all machinations to ensure the defeat of Fintiri but despite knowing their antics, Fintiri continued to exert all his energy and drive to ensure the victory of Atiku during the presidential polls.

    After Atiku emerged winner in Adamawa State but lost the general election, majority of the doves in his camp blatantly refused to work for the success of Fintiri’s reelection bid during the guvernorship polls.

    The characters in Atiku’s camp neither have the finesse nor the courtesy to accept civility and comradeship between and amongst friends once that is in conflict with their parochial and narrow political interests.

    That is why attacking Fintiri with vile and venom has become the new currency in Atiku’s camp. Unfortunately, this attitude has glaringly portray to the world that these people never had faith in Fintiri right from the onset, otherwise where is the place of mediation between contemporaries and associates in difficult times?

    I think the mindset of Atiku, his acolytes and co-travellers towards Fintiri is that of master servant relationship which entails that Fintiri should naturally inherit Atiku’s enemies, baggages and friends. otherwise, I see no reason why hell should be let loose on account of Fintiri’s congratulatory message to a bossom friend and political associate.

    That is clearly, the only rationale upon which the rabid and unjustified attack on Fintiri can be situated.

    It is surprising that these characters conveniently chose to ignore the fact that under a democratic dispensation, people have rights of assembly and association unlike in a fascist dispensation which Atiku and his co-travellers seem to have inherently internalized within their subconscious and rationalizations.

    The truth is that whether one like the former governor of Rivers State or not, his political exploits and successes can not just be wished away with the wave of the hand.

    Wike’s meteoric political transformation from a local government chairman, chief of staff, state minister to occupying the plum job in Rivers State and now minister of the federal republic of Nigeria deserve raptorous acclaim by discerning Nigerians and Fintiri is one of them.

    Wike’s exploits in Rivers State has been momentous and exemplary in the context of good governance in Nigeria’s checkered history as he is a governor who came, saw and conquered leaving behind an enduring legacy in all facets of governance.

    Fintiri is one amongst the millions of Nigerians who are happy with the laudable developmental strides and has no apology over that regardless of whose ox is gored.

    The unfortunate ranting of Atiku through a proxy, Victor Moses, is the final lethal dose that break the camels back. We interprete such open and unwieldy attack as a move to severe all political ties and we accepted that in good faith as we could no more hold back and allow all sorts of charlatans to be taking us for granted.

    This will surely rob Atiku 80% the 480,000 votes he garnered in the state in 2023. Should the courts order a rerun of presidential election, I’m optimistic that Atiku will leave to regret this fatal political masturbation as he will be left out cold and shivering.

    Jada also known as Calculate writes from Yola.


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